Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory was born in Deptford in the city of New Jersey. He became well known because he works with glamour photographers in modeling industry in today’s market. He got interest in photography when he was still in high school. He liked to skateboard and he would always take time to look into the skateboard magazines where the skater grinds in the handrail and frozen motion. He would always wonder how the photographer achieved such stunning shots. He decided to attend New York Institute of Photography and he started to shoot nature and then moved in working for the models.

When asked why he chooses glamour beauty, he says that he chose it because it is a popular genre. He was inspired by images found in many magazines that were taken by the photographers who are established. This is how he is motivated to get always the best shot he can. The industry is competitive and he has to become artistic faster. To capture the best shot, he says he needs to have better glass and sharp lens that make sharper images and this makes it easier to have super sharp images within the post.

He likes to travel the world and to do other types of photography. From his biography, he is a runner and he had won medals in high school and continues to run just to keep in shape. He is left handed and he likes hockey, he plays ice hockey and he is an illustrator. The images he took of the models can be accessed on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. His net worth is not disclosed.

Dan Gregory should not be confused to Dan Gregory who is the husband to Martha MacCallum and she is an anchor for The First 100 Days that airs at 7pm. She had worked at this network from 2004 and they got married in the year 1992. Gregory is 54 years old and his wife is 53. They have three children, two sons, Edward and Harry and a daughter named Elizabeth. MacCullum is also the co-host for the weekday morning show at Newsroom together with Bill Hemmer. Dan Gregory worked in corporate relations with Dow Jones &Company.

He graduated from Villanova University and he was born in Upper Montclair, in the city of New Jersey. His father was Edward R Gregory, a founder of Gregory Packaging in based in Newark, in New Jersey. His mother was Cecelia Dohen Gregory and she died in the year 2013 when she was 84 years old. The father had died in the year 1999. Cecelia got a B.A in English given by Kean College of New Jersey. This is when the children finished the school. Gregory was born with seven siblings. His daughter is attending Villanova University and she is doing political science to follow the footsteps of the mother while working in the politics.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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