Briana Ramsey

As an actress, Briana Ramsey is famous for playing in Hindsight 2020. However, Briana is also the wife of David Ramsey, a renowned actor best known for Dexter, Arrow and Mother and Child. As far as David’s love life is concerned, Briana features not only as his longest-dated girl but also the second female to get married to David. Despite both being celebrities, their wedding ceremony failed to match up to most people’s expectations. @ramsey.brianna is her Instagram handle.    

A celebrity’s love life is one that is closely watched and talked about by different parties. In fact, a majority of the celebrities are shocked by rumors regarding their sexual orientation. In most cases, whenever a celebrity claims to be single, speculations of the being gay are spread rapidly. On the other hand, celebrities that are married are often rumored to be in extra-marital affairs. Briana’s case is no different. At some point, Brian was claimed to be a lesbian until news of her being married to David Ramsey hit the airwaves.

Personal Life

Briana Ramsey’s biography entails little with respect to Briana’s parents, siblings, educational background, and childhood. As mentioned above, Briana is married to David Ramsey who will is currently at age 46. Before marriage, Briana and her husband, David, dated for years. Despite having a casual wedding, Briana’s marriage is proving to be a happy one as they are frequently seen in public together. This proves that a wedding does not necessarily define marriage.

However, despite such a happy marriage, Briana and Ramsey have no children up to date but are considering the option of an adoption. David was initially married to Mary McKeon before crossing paths with Briana. David’s and Mary’s marriage, however, ended in divorce but factors leading to the couple’s divorce are undisclosed.

Since their marriage, Briana’s and Ramsey’s relation has been smooth without any issues associated with either marital violence or infidelity. Such a non-controversial marriage is commendable, especially since Brian and Ramsey is a celebrity couple. Since his marriage to Briana, David has cultivated a habit of remaining silent about his past relationship, which is an admirable aspect of any sensible husband.

Briana is apparently one female that feels extremely safe being in the presence of her husband. This is because, apart from acting, Briana’s husband, Ramsey, is as well a martial artist. To put it in another way, alongside having kickboxing skills, Ramsey has a good mastery of both Tae Kwon Do and boxing. Apart from that, some suggest that David’s well-shaped and masculine body played a part in appealing to Briana.

Career Life

Briana Ramsey has exceptional acting abilities that enabled her cast in Hindsight 2020. However, Briana’s career journey is not a popular story in public in comparison to that of her husband, David Ramsey. David’s popularity rose in 1997 after playing in Good News where he characterized Pastor David Randolph. Also, he featured in Ali: An America Hero as Muhammad Ali. His other role plays are in films such as The Flash, Accidental Love, Arrow, Mr. Bones, The Guardian, etc. Briana’s husband has a $4 million net worth.