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Brandel Eugene Chamblee is a former professional golfer, commentator, and writer from the United States. Chamblee began his professional career in 1985 and had one PGA Tour victory to his credit. He shared the first-round lead at the Master's Tournament in 1999 and was among the top-100 money earners on the Tour for six years in a row.


He hailed from a wealthy family and was introduced to golfing at a very young age. The rich have easy access to golf because of the ability to pay and become members of country clubs. At country clubs, there are large fields of golf courses that cannot be found anywhere else. As a young boy, Brandel had an unlimited playing field to practice his craft, but he did not fall in love with the sport right away.

Initially, he worked as a teacher at the University of Texas. He was a very bright student, and so he wanted to use his knowledge positively. He felt that teaching students in college would make the most of his abilities.

Baby Golfing Steps

At first, he didn't like the sport of golfing because he felt it was too slow. He saw sports like football and basketball on TV that seemed to be more exciting and fast-paced. He didn't understand the game of golf and why the people around him enjoyed it so much. His interest in golf started to grow as he found out the positives of the game. He began to understand what made a good golf shot. He began to learn about the different clubs. He realized that each club has its purpose. He initially thought that the game was just played with one stick. He got excited when he found out that a different club was used for different shots because the player had to consider the terrain and weather when planning a shot. He didn't know that there was so much strategy involved in the game, and he decided to give it a legitimate try.

He started playing golf at a very primary level, winning most of the tournaments he competed in. Although he didn't choose it as a career path while growing up, he, later on, caught up to it and made it his main focus.

Pro Golf Career

He began his professional golfing career in 1985 at the age of just 23. He went from tournament to tournament, learning and sometimes winning as time progressed. He has played with some of the very best players of the game, such as Tiger Woods. Early in his career, he wasn't as good as the competitors, but after some years, he began to work at his skill and got better when the pressure was on. He had a habit of shrinking when the lights were on because he was nervous. When he was practicing, he had minimal issues making his shots. Only when he had to perform in front of a large crowd would his skills start to get shaky. With experience, he eventually got over his stage fright and became a great player.


He won 1 PGA tour as well as 1 Tour. He started to play in the Master's tournament in 1999 at the age of 37 years old. In 1998, he won the Vancouver open, which was a great win by any standards. He then started to focus on the technical side of it and played even better. In 2003, he lost the PGA card, which ended his career of 15 years.

Life After Golf Playing Days

In 2004, he started to get behind the game and started working as a commentator. As a former player, he can provide precious insight into the game of golf. Currently, he works as the lead examiner of PGA TOUR. He also sometimes works as an anchor for the show Golf Central. His commentary career is going well as he is having a lot of fun while on the set. He enjoys his co-workers very much and can talk golf with them all day.

When asked by Golf Magazine if he thought he was underrated as a broadcaster, he said, "I don't think so. I think I'm rated just the right amount. I've had people say, "You suck!" And I've had people say, "You are the greatest broadcaster in the history of the sport." You can't let your ego be too affected by either. I read a lot. There's a story of a general in ancient Greece who won countless battles, considered god-like. He always had a subordinate walking behind him, saying, "You're just a man." That's a great lesson for life, whether they love you or hate you. But I can tell you who is underrated: [NBC's] Dottie Pepper has a way of saying so much in so few words."

He carried the same attitude he had on the field to the broadcasting booth. He tries to keep balanced and not get caught up with the highs and lows of fan reactions.

Personal Life

He was married to Karen Chamblee, who was his longtime girlfriend. He got engaged in 2000. He also got a divorce as there was some problem in the marriage. He has four children from his wife, Brandel Jr., Brennen, Braeden, and Bergen. Braeden, his son who died as an infant, has a memorial playground at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He is now married to television personality Bailey (Mosier) Chamblee. Since golf is among the highest-paying sports globally, Brandel has had a very successful life and career. His current salary is also excellent as he's still at the same mark as a commentator. His net worth is estimated to be around $15 million.

He is a very tech-savvy person and uses social media platforms to interact with his fans from time to time. He has had some Twitter wars with Tiger Woods as he has often blamed him for his losses. He didn't think that fans should let Tiger Woods off the hook for bad performances. He believed Tiger himself was to blame and not external reasons when Tiger would come up short in his tournaments.

Last Modified: Aug 20, 2021

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