Michelle Eileen Oswalt (McNamara) was born on April 14, 1970. She attended the University of Minnesota where she earned a Master's degree in Creative Writing. She also did her undergrad studies at the University of Notre Dame. She began her writing career in the late 90s. She was known for writing about real-life murderers and rapists. She founded the website True Crime Diary.

She did amazing work on the "Golden State Killer" project, which raped fifty women and killed ten others from 1976 to 1986. She was familiar with the case, after reading the book "Sudden Terror" by Larry Crompton. The case attracted her because it seemed “solvable,” she told it to LAist in 2013.

As Michelle said "The Golden State Killer attacked in relatively specific geographic locations… It seemed to me with the advent of information technology and public record aggregators that it would be possible to establish a list of viable suspects, of white men of a certain age who lived or worked in some or all of those locations. I discovered a community of people online that were essentially “crowdsourcing” the case, doing their own data mining and investigating, and that fascinated me".

She also received a special thanks credit for the movie "Big Fan", starring her husband. McNamara was an interviewee for the TV series documentary “A Crime to Remember”. The finale episode of “The Goldbergs” in the third season was dedicated to her memory. On August 1 of 2016 her husband Oswalt announced that he had been working to complete McNamara's non-fiction book on “The Golden State Killer”, which was left unfinished after death of his wife. In the interview of 2014 Oswalt told that Michelle has a mid-life crisis involved going to strip clubs than playing Dungeons & Dragons with his comedian friends.

Michelle Eileen married to Patton Oswalt on September 24 in the 2005. They started dating in 2003 and after two years of great relationships the couple finally became a wife and husband. They had one daughter together, Alice Rigney Oswalt, she was born on April 15, 2009.

Michelle died suddenly on April 21, 2016. She was just 46 years old. She passed away in her sleep in the family house in Los Angeles, California, one week after her 46th birthday. The Hollywood community, were shocked by the news of McNamara's death. She have been free of known medical conditions, there were no prior warning signs about her health might have been in danger. Michelle was found dead at the couple's home on Thursday. The causes of her death were quite strange, Ed Winter who was a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner's office, tells to “The Hollywood Reporter” “a cause of death likely will take months to determine because the medical examiner's office is so backed up with cases. Tests, including a toxicology report, will be conducted in an effort to determine the cause of death”. Currently there is no new information about her death. There is no information about her divorce or net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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