Amy Madigan was born on 11 September 1950 in Illinois USA. She was born in an upper middle-class family and so had all the thing available at her disposal. Her father was a very renowned journalist who has his own show. He interviewed some of the greatest personalities of his time such as Martin Luther King Jr, Richard Nixon and much more. His thought on political issues was very calmly heard all across the west. Her mother was an amateur actress who performed in small roles and at community theaters. Her mother died in 1992 and his father married another woman in 1993. She also has two brothers named jack and Jim. She went to Catholic school for her primary education, she even used to take part in the plays that were orchestrated there. She also had an interest in musical instruments so she went and learned piano at the Chicago Conservatory of Music. Later for graduation, she went to Marquette University to get a degree in Philosophy. She then started learning acting at Lee Strasberg and Film Institute.

She was very interested in music since a very young age. She chose music as her career and started singing as lead vocalist in a band called Jelly. The band released one album called A True Story in 1977. The band was later broken since most of the members went solo and changed their career path. Amy later appeared in the Playboy in 1978. She was covered in jelly and hadn’t worn anything else in the picture. In late 1970, she toured all over the USA and sang with many bands throughout the tour. In 1984 she got an offer for the movie Streets of Fire. This movie later reached cult status for its story and acting. She played McCoy in the movie. The same year she did a movie called Places in the heart for which she was nominated for the best supporting actress for a role. She did not get the award however she became way famous than she previously was. In 2002 she played a role of an officer in the TV film The Laramie project. This move was nominated for the best TV film award by the Emmys. In 2005 she did another movie called Winter Pass which was directed by Adam Rapp.

She married Ed Harris who is an actor as well. They met at a friend's party and got along os well. Later the decided to go on a date and fell in love. She tied the knot with her husband on 21 November 1983. She is very fond of children and has one daughter Lily Dolores Harris who was born on May 3 1993. She is on social networking websites but she doesn’t post as frequently as many people do. Her biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as IMDB. Her net worth is expected to be around $4 million. Although not as active as in her youth she still does roles from time to time shown flashes of her great acting. She is healthy and very fit as she does yoga every day without fail.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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