Beau Martin Williams played as a tight end for University of Colorado in the year 1999 up to 2002. He spent a decade when he was writing the script that it is based on the real life experience for an upcoming independent film called Americons. It was released in the selected Theater and besides writing for the movie; he was also the co-producer and a star in that film. Another co-producer was Matt Funke who was also the star.

Other stars in the film are Trai Byers and Sam McMurray. This is the character that was modeled after and also played by Beau Martin on his own. This road started when he was in the final year of Rick Neuheisel era of Boulder. He is a son of former Stanford tight end and he come to Boulder after playing as a linebacker and a receiver of Gunn High School. He got attention from the college football programs in the country for the way he showed his talent in receiving in high school. In the senior year, he got a torn MCL and he was asked to sit outside for the entire final season so that he can be eligible to attend the school on a scholarship. Beau Martin decided to join Phillips academy in the city of Andover. It is there that he did post graduate work and he was able to play the year he lost during his senior year. He got a chance of learning from the best high school teachers around the country and it is the place where he got interested in writing and acting for the first time.

From his biography, Beau Martin was a good student but he was more outstanding at the field and this is how he became a top target for the radar of Neuheisels. Because of the desire to play in College football as his father, he accepted the CU offer and he was able to attend Harvard University. After playing at a college level, he wished to play at NFL. When he joined Boulder, he had no specific position and he had to try different positions to get his fit. After suffering different injuries, he came to understand that he may not have any chance in football and that he cannot play beyond the college. The ambition he had may fall flat and this was demoralizing as he was about to become adult. While working as a security on the Hollywood nightclubs, he got an opportunity of making connection with the people who were living at the high end of their society. These were the resources he needed to be able to pull out his screenwriting career. Even if most information about how Beau Martin started his career is available, the information about his net worth, married life, wife, children, and divorce is not available.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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