Anna Kooiman

Born on 7th February 1984 in North Carolina, United States, Anna Kooiman is a news reporter for the Fox News Channel in New York City. She spent her childhood days in Charlotte, North Carolina with her parents, who still live there and own their businesses Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop and the Southeast Oasis Pool. She is Dutch by origin, but is an American national. She attended the Myers Park High School and graduated in 2001. She is a softball player having played softball with South Park Youth Association.

Speaking of Kooiman’s career, during her college days in 2004, at the UNC Wilmington, she worked as a sideline reporter for the Fox Sports channel. She continued this work as a video journalist, reporter and anchor, even after her graduation, in 2005. She then moved in 2007 to Toledo, Ohio to work with the WNWO, a local NBC affiliate, as a morning reporter and anchor. Her franchise reporter services with the US Marshals partnership helped her to get more than 100 fugitives. She is presently an anchor and reporter for the Fox News channel.

Besides being an anchor and reporter, she also was a fitness instructor in Charlotte. She has the Turbo Kick and AFAA certification and has taught 10 classes every week. She was also a fitness instructor for kids, as an after school program. Not only did she take up fitness classes, she too has a fit and beautiful body that she does flaunt around, especially when she is aware that people are staring at her. She does have beautiful thighs and sexy legs that she shows off with her short dresses.

These days, there there are many rumors about that the sexy beauty is dating someone. At the same time, these are only rumors and nothing has been proven. Anna is presently hosting the ‘Fox and Friend’ show alone and will continue until she does find that special someone. No doubt, she has a huge number of male fans, who would love to date her, or even be her husband.

Anna is only 30 years of age and feels it’s the time to enjoy life and be dedicated to her career. On the other hand, Suzanne Venker who is an anti feminist advises Anna that she should not miss the right opportunity of finding a good man and getting married and having babies. She advises her to quit working and get married, since, according to Suzanne, time waits for no one. At the same time, Anna could be having a secret boyfriend; time will tell.

In her very first promo, Anna does enjoy the feeling of getting married in ‘wedding workout! How to slim down for the big day’ aired by the Fox News Channel. She is a very beautiful and attractive young lady and has not been married. Hence, the word or the thought of divorce has not entered her life as yet. Whether she has or had any boyfriends, is not known, since she keeps her personal life top secret and does not mix work with personal life.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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