Ann Rohmer is famous for being a Canadian television personality and news anchor.


Ann Rohmer was born on March 2, 1958, to Richard and Olivia Rohmer. She graduated from Branksome Hall University. She was born in a family of two children with one elder sister.

Her mother, Olivia, worked as a lawyer, which shaped Ann's childhood and personality. Her father, Richard, was an officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force and Olivia Rohmer. Ann's older sister, Catherine, followed in their mother's footsteps and also became a lawyer.

Rohmer played skating and tennis until a car accident she was involved in at the age of 14. She played tennis again and took up skiing and instructing aerobics, but the accident prohibited her from playing at a professional level. In addition to sports, animal welfare is a passion of Rohmer's. After graduation, she worked as a flight attendant for Nordair and was named Miss Interline by the Vice President of the company.

Starting as a TV Anchor

Rohmer's first encounter with the broadcast world was tensed and full of anxiety for Ann. She was frightened before the cameras during her initial audition as a TV anchor. She once confessed how she messed up in an audition where her microphone had to be removed from her lapel because the pounding of her racing heart was more pronounced than her voice. That happened several times before she established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the small screen.

Her producer once described Rohmer as a dark horse because of being too young at the time of her employment. Despite being young, she gained a lot of attention from her viewers. On the show, That's Life; her co-host recalled how she caused a commotion and became the host that people talked about. She had distinctive looks that made her famous among her viewers. Besides having energy and the ability to connect with her viewers, she was also brainy, which made her the talk of the broadcast industry.

Successful Broadcasting Career

Rohmer became a popular television broadcaster on CP24 in Toronto, Canada. She has a long and varied tenure as a journalist. In 1979, Rohmer was the anchor for the syndicated program Show Biz. At Global Television Network, she anchored the famous magazine show That's Life and featured reporter for CTV Channel's Canada AM. In 1986, she moved to City TV as a weekend sports host. Rohmer holds the distinction for being the only female Canadian sports reporter who was allowed to interview athletes in their changing rooms. Three years later, she began a long tenure of hosting the early morning show Breakfast Television. She was there for more than 12 years.

After her long stint as the BT host, she started looking for something different in late 2001. She got the opportunity as a program presenter for CP24 and City Online, a call-in talk show. In 2002, Rohmer served on the anchoring desk responsible for anchoring the real estate show Hot Property and anchor for Animal House Calls. She has substituted for the show's Home Page and Perfect Fit.


Retirement from the Broadcast Booth

She retired from CP24 in November 2015 but later returned in 2016. This elicited mixed reactions from viewers over her return. Her critics questioned why she kept on leaving and returning. Others wondered whether CP24 could not nurture new talent and put them in Rohmer's position instead of always having to rely on her. Most of the reviews on social media indicated that people were displeased with her return because they were tired of her flip-flopping between employment and retirement.

On the other hand, fans loved her return as they missed her character and professionalism. Most of those who applauded her return are those who missed her animal call-in program and wanted to see her back on set hosting that program again. Although she was criticized for returning after retiring for the second time, Rohmer still has commanded respect in the morning breakfast show and the animal program. These two programs give her the popularity she is enjoying, and she has always had a lot of fans supporting her from those shows.

Awards and Recognitions

For her exciting and outstanding work, Rohmer has been honored with nominations and awards. She was nominated for ACTRA's Best Newcomer of the Year. In 1994 and 1999, she was voted by Toronto Sun as one of Toronto's favorite television personalities. In 1998 she won the Variety Children's Charity Outstanding Community Volunteer, and in 1999, The Toronto Sun voted her as one of the 10 Sexiest Women in Toronto. She is the recipient of the Gordon Sinclair Award for Excellence in Broadcasting and the 2001 Escoffier Society Media Award.

Personal Life

While going to college, Rohmer was in a long-distance relationship. To foot the phone and flight bills, she acted to earn some money. She was happy doing on-screen roles but was also interested in editing scripts. Rohmer has had three marriages and three divorces. Currently, she is single and happy to be alone because the time being single gives.

Rohmer was married to Steve Podborski, a Canadian skier. The marriage was not successful, and the couple divorced. Podborski had remarked that the marriage was confusing and horrible. Another wedding was to Marshall Shearer, which occurred in June 1988. There is no information about the third marriage or the dates of all marriages and divorces. It is also not known if she has any children because there is no public information.

When she has free time, Rohmer travels and explores nature. She enjoys walking around in the suburbs, appreciating beautiful houses, architecture, and landscaping, as well as other people's lifestyles. She is known for her dedicated support to the World Wildlife Fund and is associated with many animal and non-profit organizations.

Last Modified: Aug 12, 2021

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