Andrea Bock was born at the late of 60s in United States of America. There is quite a little information about her early childhood, school time and family. Andrea attended her local school. She is very educated woman and with Bachelor degree she has a very big experience in business. She wanted to work in Hollywood from her early age. Andrea worked as a manager in the media world. After several years in show business she becomes a manager of famous TV host Ty Pennington. Since then she got her level of fame. Ty Pennington was the star of the popular show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on the ABC channel. Andrea spent a lot of time behind the scene and always was close to him during his career ups and downs.

She lives in a low-key life, but sometimes she appearing on public and charity events along with Ty. In the August of 2007 Andrea and her loves one was attended opening event of ADHD. At the same year her boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of DUI and paid five thousand dollars for bail.

Andrea Bock is not married. She is living with her longtime boyfriend Ty Pennington, who actually was her boss. The couple has an eighteen years relationship. Andrea met her future boyfriend long time ago, when he was known as a simple guy Gary Tygert Burton. They were just friends for many years. In the 2008 they said for interview, that they are in relationship for eleven years. At the same year Ty also said about their marriage status, that he and his woman don’t need an official marriage status, they lived together a pretty long time and still love each other. “It’s means more than few words in our documents”. He also said “We’re definitely a team and I appreciate it”. Andrea agrees with his opinion, and also said that "We don't need to get married." She further explained, "We're having such a good time now."

Despite their strong position about marriage things that was a few rumors, that the couple wants to tie their married knots. Afterwards in their relationships were a few bad moments. In the news was a rumor that Ty was cheating her with another woman, which was a stripper. Her boyfriend also was arrested, this fact advertise their problems to the public. So many Ty's fans have posted information that Andrea broke up with him, because of this occasion. But it seems like they are together for that moment. Despite being in the shadow of her star soul mate, Andrea Bock has helped to him to add few more net worth and popularity. Andrea and her loves one Ty Pennington resides in their own home in Venice Beach, California. The couple doesn’t have kids. Along with her not official husband, Andrea’s has a net worth of 10 million dollars and Tygert’s salary is about 75 thousand dollars per each episode of his show.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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