Allicia Shearer

Allicia Shearer is a wife of Justin Shearer also called the Big Chief. The two got married in the year 2006. Alicia was born in the city of Oklahoma in 1980. Her biography is missing the information about her childhood and her ethnic background.

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For her studies, she studied respiratory care in Oklahoma City Community College. When she finished her studies, she worked at Integris Southwest Medical Center and had worked like a respiratory therapist on ISMC and Integris. Most people will recognize her as the wife to Justin Shearer, a television personality who appears at the Discovery Channel Reality program called Street Outlaws since the year 2013. There is not too much information on what she does now.

Her salary and her net worth are not disclosed yet. Even if her husband had been in many controversies, she had not been part of these controversies. There are also no rumors about her career or personal life as for now.

Allicia Shearer got married to Justin Shearer after being together for a long period. They met for the first times when Justin was only 18 years old and was working a full-service gas station.

Their wedding took place in 2006 and the two had already two sons, Covil and Corbin. The marriage is stronger and there is no news about any extramarital affairs. There are times when it was said that Justin may be seeing Jacklyn Braasch, but it was found out to be just rumors.

Allicia Shearer is married to Justin Shearer who is also known as the Big Chief in the Street Outlaw show. It is the show which is the same as fast and Furious. He got the popularity because of the daredevil riding skills he shows.

Allicia with her husband have two children. There are rumors that they may get divorced soon but they did not say anything about it. The two loves their children and they do share the Instagram posts about them. Big Chief sometime regrets that he is not spending enough time with his children, he had been able to offer luxurious life to her family and he says that his mother had been his source of inspiration. He also says that she is his icon.

Even if the net worth of Allicia Shearer is not disclosed, that of her husband is 2 million dollars. He had been participating into the OKC Street Racing from the time he was still too young.

Justin Shearer was born in the year 1980, in the city of Louisville in Kentucky. He moved to live in Oklahoma City in the year 1992. He became interested in racing when he was still too young. Because of his interest in racing, he established the Oklahoma street racing community. He became a host of the Street outlaw and then worked at Midwest Street Cars automotive.

30 Sep, 2018