Alison Kosik

Alison Kosik is known as a television broadcast news presenter. She is famous for her work at CNN.


Alison Kosik was born in the year 1971 and she worked hard to eventually become a face that it is well known in the American broadcast news television industry. Kosik finished her high school studies at Nova High School in Miami. She went on to study at the American University in Washington D.C. for her college education. She learned a lot during her higher learning phase and was able to get her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast journalism and Political science.

She chose to pursue journalism and political science because they reflected the topics that she was passionate about. She knew what she wanted out of life and was wise to start the path with determination because she knew she was destined for success. She was made a Fellow by the Scripps Howard New Media Fellowship at Columbia University in 2001. It was a big honor for her and a sign that she was on the right path in her life.

Start of Journalism Career

In an interview with Opportunist Magazine, Alison shared her stories about she got involved in journalism and the sources of inspiration she had when she was just starting out. When asked about how her path to broadcast news was forged, Alison said, “I knew I loved to write early on. I started writing in high school and actually got paid. It was exciting. I was a newspaper reporter at the Sun Sentinel in Hollywood, Fla., and loved it. Then I discovered the sound and pictures aspect to reporting and became hooked.”

She knew that she had found her passion but to make it a real thing in her mind, she had to tackle it with intentions. She didn’t want to just be someone with big dreams. She had a plan for her road to success, “So I decided to go into broadcast journalism and went to American University. I did three internships and worked a job on Capitol Hill at the same time. I also worked for CBS Newspath in New York City and made $100 a day but had the best time. [Laughs] Eventually I took a position as a TV reporter at a station in Texas, sight unseen.”

There was one person in her life that kept on encouraging her as a young journalist but he did it in an unconventional way. Without this “supporter”, she doesn’t know how far she could’ve gone, “My dad, kind of in reverse. I love him to bits, but he didn’t necessarily want me to be a journalist. My first TV offer in Texas paid about $13,000 a year, and he was not happy with me moving out of New York to take a job in Corpus Christi. He would not even speak to me.”

It was the negative feedback that would push her because she wanted to prove people like her father wrong, “So I wrote him a letter and explained why I wanted to be a journalist and why this opportunity was so important to me. In a roundabout way, it was the naysayers along the way who encouraged me. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have kept pushing ahead, working really hard to prove that I could actually make a living doing something I love.”


Professional Broadcaster

When Alison started making it big in the journalism industry, she was working at Sinclair Broadcast Group together with Hearth Style. Alison has worked at different channels and networks and she also worked on where she was a business correspondent. After sometime as a rising star in journalism, CNN hired her and she is now based in New York City.

Other channels that she had worked for are WFLX-TV and WPEC-TV. She covered different important events and interviewed many people while working as a journalist. She worked on the New York Stock Exchange coverage and she is popular when it comes to her fans because of her personality.

She was been given many awards because of her excellent work. She won an award for Best Sport News and was given the Florida AP award and a fellow for international TV and radio society.  She is a hard working person and this is why she was able to reach the place where she is right now and many people consider her to be their role model. Because of her experience, she was able to make a good net worth from her salary.

Personal Life

Alison Kosik is over 40 years old and even if she may seem old to some people, she continues to look vibrant and young. She has the right dressing style within the industry and she always carries herself around in profession manner.  She looks gorgeous with slim waist and wide hips.  She has a sexy body that is pleasing to viewers.

Alison Kosik was thought to be married three times but the name of her first husband is not published anywhere. It is also rumored that she was separated from her husband. Afterwards, she got married to Pat Bergeson but also got divorced from him. Now, she is the wife of Adam Huckett and she was his longtime girlfriend before they tied the knot. The couple is now happy and they have a beautiful daughter who is named Daisy Mae Huckett.

People who want to get to know her more can find her updates on the social networking platforms. She has a Twitter and Facebook account. On her social media accounts, people can find her bikini pictures online and she likes to wear short skirts that show her long and beautiful legs. She likes to maintain her figure through a balanced diet and regular exercise. She has the best skills on screen and this is why many people like her. She is very humble even after all the success she has achieved. She likes to interact with her fans on her social media accounts because she wants to be connected with them.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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