As an Australian director, Alice Bell has been involved in a number of notable works including working for artists such as Missy Higgins, Silverchair, Little Birdy, Jimmy Barnes, among others in video directing. However, apart from directing, Alice is also a screenwriter who has written for various dramas such as Puberty, The Beautiful Lie, Rush, Spirited and The Slap. According to Alice’s IMDb biography, her most notable work was the Man in the Mirror. In 2007, Alice won the ARIA Award for Best Video. Apart from Twitter, Alice’s fans can as well follow her @stalkalice on Instagram.

Personal Life

According to Alice’s Wiki page, she grew up in Balmain, Sydney. Little is known of Alice’s education background is available publicly aside from her studying at the University of California. Her parents are Elizabeth Bell and Calvin Bell. However, Alice’s father, Calvin, passed on. Before starting filming, Alice had worked in various occupations including being a dental nurse.

Apart from working at the hospital, Alice has worked at a local electroplating factory. These occupations, however, fulfilled her not. As a result, Alice opted to enter into the production field. At the start, Bell worked as a production assistant. But after a show of competency and hard work, Alice climbed the ladder to become a Production Manager. During this time, Alice worked at The Doll Collective, a company owned by Leah Churchill-Brown.

Alice was initially married to Al Rocker whom they worked together with at WNBC-TV. During this time, Roker was a weatherman. The August-born TV personality is now 62 years of age and has about $30 million in net worth. However, after a 10-year relationship in marriage, Alice and Roker finally divorced. Apart from WNBC-TV, Alice’s ex-husband, Roker, has also done weather forecasting on The Today Show at NBC.

Today, however, Alice is married to Leon Ford, a multi-faceted man who is into acting, directing and writing. Alice and Leon have two daughters. Leon’s name has appeared in numerous theatre productions as well as Australian TV shows.  Some of his popular television series include Stepfather of the Bride, Changi and The Cooks.


As a screenwriter, Alice Bell’s name is not new as it relates to movies and TV shows. She wrote the Suburban Mayhem, which became multi-award winning. As a result, Alice received the AWGIE for Best Original Screenplay. Additionally, Bell wrote the script for The Beautiful Lie where she worked alongside Jonathan Gavin, John Edwards, Peter Salmon, among others. Also, she was a set-up writer on the award-winning Puberty Blues. In 2013, the film scoped the AACTA Award for Best Drama.

Alice was again the talent behind the ‘Connie’ episode of The Slap miniseries. Her screenwriting prowess in the miniseries earned her an AWGIE award. Also, the comedy dubbed Spirited won Alice an award nomination still at the AWGIE awards. But apart from screenwriting, Alice also handles music video directing.  Apart from directing the Straight Lines video, Alice has made short clips, as aforementioned above, for Jimmy Barnes, Missy Higgins, Little Birdy, etc.