Aleisha Allen is actress of American nationality born in the year 1991. From the age of 4, she was active in the television and in print where she was a model. When she was at the age of five, she started to take some important roles like Sidetable Drawer in Blue’s Clues series for Children’s Television. She was also playing on regular basis in the Playhouse Disney series called Out of The Box.

She was with Jack Black in the School of Rock and she played as Alicia one for the children in the musician and class of the band. In the year 2005, she played as Lindsey in the movie Are We There Yet and she was starring with Ice Cube in its sequel Are We Done Yet. In the year 2010, she was the star for PBS remade show called The Electric Company and she was playing as Sarah Johnson in the movie You are Nobody till Somebody Kills You of Michael A Pinckney. Allen made also appearance in the movie called Young Adults where she was the star Charlize Theron. Aleisha Allen went to the Professional Performing Arts School of Manhattan and she was the classmate of Taylor Momsen, Mark Indelicato and Karina Pasian.

Aleisha Allen is 23 years old and she is African-American actress and she is known to appear in the School of Rock Movie. He was a 5th Grader Vocalist together with frustrated rocker teacher called Jake Black in the year 2003. Other movies and tv shows she was in, include Out of The Box in the year 1998.

What it is interesting about the School of Rock movie is that the kids who played in the movie were handpicked in over 10 states of United States and also in Canada. This was important because the stars wanted someone who can understand what it needed to him in terms of the music and the movie. She had already started to play the guitar when she was four years in the real life and she started to play Cello and bass because of the movie.

Her parents are Angela L Allen and Otis L Allen. The L letter in their names stands for the name LaNae. She dated another actor by the name Tahj Mowry since 2003 and until 2007. She had a successful transition from the talented teen to become successful adult actress. She looks even prettier right now. His net worth is 1 million dollars and for the School of Rock, she was paid 166,667 dollars.

The cast of the School of Rock reunited after one decade in the occasion. She wore green skirt which is knee length and she was looking even lovely and also hot for the occasion. The dress was highlighting how she has perfect breast. She is available on Instagram, she has three books that can be accessed on Goodreads.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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