Sophia Minnaert works like a television sports personality under Fox Sports based in Wisconsin. She was born in Madison and she still lives there. During the year 2009, she graduated from Marquette University and she did Spanish. According to her biography, she works as a host and a sideline reporter of Milwaukee Brewers and for Bucks telecasts. During 2013, she was in the national news since she was hit during on-field report by a baseball.

Sophia Minnaert is known as a sports reporter and also an anchor because of the amazing work she is doing that had helped her to get many fans around the entire world. The exact date for her birthday is not recorded yet. Her ethnicity is white. After becoming successful and popular, she is down to earth and still human. She always has a smile on her face and she is humble during any interview. She is beautiful and blonde and she is talented and confident.

From her young age, she always wanted to become a star. She is an exceptional woman and she always does better. Even if everyone knows her and she has become successful, some parts of her personal life are hidden from the public. Even if it is said that she is not lesbian, she has no known boyfriend up to now. She has no husband since there is no record about being married or having children. She has no record about any divorce yet.

She is a successful woman and she is good looking. She may date any man as she likes. She may still be looking on how to get a perfect match so that she may settle down. She is a woman who is too caring and she can become a better mother.

Sophia Minnaert is paid a good salary and it can boost her entire net worth each year. However, how much she owns like a net worth is not reported yet. She looks as if she is tall but her height is not known. She likes to tweet and she uploads or posts on Twitter on regular basis.

Sophia Minnaert was hit during Brewers-Pirates game with a stray baseball. However, the baseball did not make a direct contact but it hit on microphone. When this happened, she continued to report and finished the segment. After the segment, she got approached by the team trainer of Brewers and she waved him to go away when he asked if she is ok.

However, this was not the first time when a reporter was about to be injured because of baseball. Kelly Nash who works at Sun Sports was also taking her own pictures and a baseball missed her by some inches. She was taking the pictures so that the ball can be too close to send to her Massachusetts family.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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