Sonny Sandoval is American rapper and singer. He is also known to be a lead vocalist and co-founder of alternative metal band called P.O.D.

According to his biography, he was born in the city of San Diego of California. His mother is a Hawaiian-Chamoro while his father is a Mexican-Italian. He grew up in the city of Otay Messa which is near South San Diego. He liked alcohol and was taking marijuana when he was still young.

During the year 1992, at 18 years old, her mother died because of leukemia when she was 37 years old. When she was sick, Sonny Sandoval became influenced because of her faith and being a devout Christian. At the beginning, he started a career when he was an MC and afterwards, he joined the band called Enoch which Marcos Curiel, Gabe Portillo and Wuv Bernardo founded.

Afterwards, it was renamed P.O.D. POD stands for Payable on Death. He started that the roots of his music are from rap, rock and reggae and all are apparent with P.O.D music. From 2008, Sandoval had been part of the religious outreach group called the Whosoevers together with Ryan Ries, Brian Welch and Lacey Sturm. Sonny Sandoval was in the Project 86 for the song called Six Sirens.

During the year 2004, he made some contribution to self title album of Anastacia called I Do and Seasons Change. He became number 63 in Top 100 Metal Vocalist of All Times list of Hit Parader in the year 2006. During the year 2009, he appeared in the new album of the Tribal Seed called The Harvest in the song called Warning. He appeared in the fourth album of War of Ages in the song named Eternal. He was in the fourth album of Lecrae called Rehab for its song under the name of Children of The Light. He was in a single of Dominic Balli known as American Dream. He was in fourth Album of For Today called Immortal in its song The Only Name.

During the year 2013, Sandoval appeared in Something Better which was released on Who We Are of Flyleaf and on Violence &Destruction album of Islanders for Criminal Track. He is now working with concerts of MTV EXIT.

Sonny Sandoval is married and his wife is Shannon Kelly. The wedding took place in 1996 and they have three children; two daughters, Marley and Nevaeh and a son called Justice. He is credited because of the sudden popularity of the name Nevaeh since he said at MTV cribs that the name stands for Heaven but spelled backward.

Sonny Sandoval has been sporting dreadlocks and during the release of Going in Blind, they had reached at the waist. However, with the release of seventh studio album of P.O.D, he had already cut them. His net worth is 2 million dollars.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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