Sandie Rinaldo

Sandra Rinaldo was born on January 16. 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sandie is known for being a Canadian television journalist and anchor for CTV News.


Since a young age, Sandie has always been exceptionally talented. Her first experience with television was as a dancer in the mid-1960s in a youth series on CBC Television called Where It's At'.

Sandra received her primary education at a high school in Toronto. In 1973, she graduated from the Fine Arts program at York University with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree. Immediately after her graduation, Rinaldo joined the CTV Television Network news division as a junior secretary to the news director, Donald Cameron. Later, she became a production manager for W5 and also began reporting for CTV National News.

In 1980, she became an anchor for newscasts on Canada AM. During her audition for the position, producers told Sandie that she only had one chance to prove herself. They were not going to be easy on her. Sandie described the moment to CTV News "Women, I think, in those days had to work harder, prove ourselves, be better at the job than men were, to move ahead a step. Look at us today, and Women are totally and unequivocally equal partners with men. There's no such thing as the glass ceiling anymore. "


Jumping into the male-dominated realm of news anchors, Sandie became the first woman in Canada to hold a full-time position as a national news anchor. She became the weekend anchor of CTV National News beginning in 1985. She took a break from CTV from 1989 to 1991 to become a local World Beat News co-anchor on the network's Toronto-affiliated CFTO.

Beginning in 2009, she became an anchor for CTV News Channel Three during weekday afternoons. In 2010, she became a co-host and contributing reporter for W5. Since longtime weekday anchor Lloyd Robertson's retirement in 2011, Rinaldo has served as a substitute anchor for Robertson's successor, Lisa LaFlamme, on the central weekday national newscast.

She is also an actress and writer, known for programs like Missing Children (1995) and Childbirth: From the Inside Out, Part 1 - Pregnancy and The Pre-Natal Period (1990).

Sandie has had a long and active broadcasting career with over forty years of experience, an unbelievable accomplishment. Her dedication to the broadcasting industry is unyielding, and she still has a lot of energy to contribute even in her elderly age. She is currently the senior news anchor for CTV National News.

Personal Life

Sandie married Michael Rinaldo, and together they had three daughters. She largely credits the success in her career and the balance in her family life to Michael. Sandie and Michael met during her first year in college, and they got married while she was still in school.


When their children arrived, they balanced their working schedule to adjust to family life. She worked early mornings, and he worked in the evenings. Sandie has stated that Michael was not just her husband; he was her best friend too. He made it simple for her to chase her career goals by assuring her that he would be taking care of the home while she was out on the job.

Tragedy and Sickness

Sandie was dealt a terrible blow in 2005 when her husband lost his battle against lung cancer and passed away. She also went through a battle with cancer herself, but she could recover and live on. After the death of her husband, she became active in helping organizations charities find a cure for cancer.

She organized a show with the help of the Wellspring association to raise awareness on the fight against cancer. The association helps the families and people who suffered or are suffering from any potentially lethal disease. In the memory of her husband, she built a quiet room within a healing center. She raised cash for this purpose with the help of her daughters. Sandie put in all her effort and energy to build this calm center because she knows that the cure rate for lung disease is meager, and she wants to help people as much as possible.


Sandie follows a rigorous diet plan these days to stay fit and healthy. She made it known that her diet consists of dark green vegetables, salmon, and turkey. She now believes in and advocates a life where it is wise to take a single step at a time and that it is vital to living every single moment in the present and not think too far in the future. When you lose someone very dear in your life, you realize the importance of living life the right way for you. Sandie now has a granddaughter whom she adores very much. She remains close to her daughters, is single, and resides in Toronto.


For her outstanding contribution in the field of television journalism in Canada, Sandie has been honored with numerous prestigious awards such as the American Film and Video Award for Childbirth from Inside-Out in 1990, a silver medal at the 1990 Houston International Film Festival for the Best Analysis of a Single Current News Story, a bronze medal at the 1990 International Film & TV Festival for the Best News Anchor, and a silver medal at the 1991 International Film and TV Festival, New York for Best Coverage of an Ongoing News Story.

She also received a finalist certificate for Best News Anchor at the 1991 International Film and TV Festival, a world medal from the 1997 New York International Film and TV Festival, RTNDA award for Best Newscast Coverage in 1999, .and the Bryden Alumni Award from York University in 2005.

Sandie has also been nominated for the Gemini Award for Best News Anchor. Sadie has lived a very long life and had an impressive career full of accolades. She has a net worth that is estimated to be around $18 million.

Last Modified: Aug 12, 2021

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