Romany Malco was born on 18th November, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York to West Indian parents. Later he moved to Baytown, Texas along with his family. Calling himself ‘Kid Nice’, he started gaining popularity for his rapping skills.

After graduating from Ross S Sterling High School, he formed a small local group which was then called as R.M.G. He developed his rapping and music skills during that stage. Malco relocated to Los Angeles in 1990 to expand his group and get some contracts with some established music studios. It did not take more time for Malco to sign a deal with Virgin Records. The deal was signed by the crew in 1991. The group was later renamed to catchier name ‘College Boyz’. ‘Victim of the Ghetto’ was the crew’s first big hit, which went on to become number 1 on the rap charts. The song which was released in 1992, was from the album Radio Fusion Radio.

Malco decided to take up acting in 1997 after strong words of recommendation and advice from the legendary actor and producer, John Leguizamo. John was very much impressed by the rapper’s attitude and personality. His first role in front of TV was for the TV show ‘Touched by an Angel’. He was the guest star in that show. He also acted in another TV show called ‘For your Love’. He made a jump from TV show to big screen within a year in the movie ‘Urban Menace’. The movie was cast with some big names like Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe and Ice-T. His character of ‘Conrad Shepard’ was the series regular in hit TV show ‘Weeds’. He was the series regular in the show’s first 3 seasons. He was also a series regular on another TV show named ‘Level 9’. He appeared as guest star in many other TV shows. Some of the TV shows include ‘American Dad’, ‘Miss Match’, ‘Bored to Death’, ‘The Good Wife’ and the ‘Blunt Talk’.

Coming to his film career, he started acting in minor roles. Then he got a major supporting role in the 2002 film Tuxedo. He starred alongside Jackie Chan. His comedic talents were showcased in the comedy movie ‘The Chateau’ which was released in 2002.His next major big role was in the film ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ which was released in 2005. He was nominated for several awards for his character of Jay in the movie. Some of his other movies are ‘Baby Mama’, ‘The Love Guru’ and ‘Think like a Man’. Apart from acting, he was involved in much other profitable business.

He married Taryn Dakha, a former ice skater in 2008. Dakha, due to her strong resemblance to Jessica Alba, she was used as a stunt double. The net worth of this talented actor is 3 million dollars. He sometimes writes articles in newspapers about his political views and often criticized the use of black community in the some magazines and newspapers. His comical one-liners and attitude was very much liked by his costars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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