Robert was born on 13 July 1968 in Florida, in United States of America. He is a 48 year old American actor who is well known for his roles on Television. There is not much information about Robert’s parents but in an interview Robert accepted that his mother was very conservative.

It came as a shock to his mother when she discovered that Robert was a gay. For the same reason he still supports LGBT rights even today. He had been very open about his sexual orientation and he said that there is nothing to be ashamed of one’s sexual orientation as it is more of a personal choice. But it is also reported that his mother felt like a failure when she got to know about her son. For the same reason Robert never married anyone.

Only one of Robert’s relation is public. It is well known fact that Robert was together with Kyan Douglas who is also a famous TV star. He took his first baby step in the world of acting when he was just 10 years old. He started with television commercial in Florida itself.

Robert holds two degrees, one in English Literature and other one in Law. He earned his English literature degree from University of Pennsylvania and the second degree was awarded by Georgetown University Law Centre. Even his education did not came in way of his passion and love for acting. This is evident by the long list of shows he has acted in since the start of his career.

Initially he joined Baker and McKenzie but unfortunately, the organization went out of business. This was a turning point in Robert’s life. It was at this point of time when he decided to change his career path and to focus more on acting.

Robert is known for his indigenous role in ‘Queer as Folk’.  He appeared as Ben Bruckner is this show and became an overnight start. He started to work in ‘Queer as Folk’ in 2002 and he continued to act in this show until 2005. Robert is also well appreciated for his role in TV shows like ‘Caroline in the City’. ‘Popular’ is another successful TV show where Robert worked and won millions of hearts.

Robert is said to be associated with organizations like Service and Advocacy for GLBT Elders for supporting the rights of LGBT community. He had always demanded for equal rights for gay and lesbians because he strongly believes that sexual orientation is more of a personal choice and a person should not be discriminated because of that.

Robert has been presented with many award because of his social work. One such award which he received was Special Civil Right Award in 2013. Another award which he received in 2006 was National Equality Award. He had also been the proud receiver of Davidson Award and Visionary Award. Kudos to his social work, he had been a favourite of many. Robert’s salary is not public but his net worth is cannot be estimated either.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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