Patrick Renna

Patrick Renna is known as an American actor and comedian. He is most well known for role in the children’s baseball film classic The Sandlot where he played the loud mouth, Hamilton "Ham" Porter.


Patrick Renna was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended Delphi Academy in Boston. In the wake of experiencing childhood in the east coast, he wound up moving to the acting capital of the world, Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. His enthusiasm for acting was increased when his family moved to California.


Entertainment fans know Patrick Renna’s face because he can be easily recognized as the goofy, chubby, curly-haired redhead.

In 1997, he worked with his friend and fellow actor, Andrew Keegan on the independent short film called "Everyday". The short film was about three boys' reaction to the death of popular rock star, Buddy Holly.

Since his favorite role in The Sandlot, Renna has appeared in various repeating roles for award winning TV series like Boston Legal and The X-Files. He keeps on getting roles because of his great attitude and work ethic.

Personal Life

Patrick and his wife Jasmin had a baby boy named Flynn. Renna is very proud of his red hair roots and was excited when his son had the same hair color as him.


Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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