Rainer Andreesen

Rainer Andreesen is known to create portraits. She was born in the year 1963 in the city of Prince Rupert in Canada. He has artistic ability and he got encouraged to be an artist during his childhood and his adolescence. With his painting desire with the urging of the high school instructor, he decided to enter into the Intense Arts and Design Program found at Capilano College of Vancouver in Canada. In the year 1986, she graduated with the honors and started a career in advertising industry where he did illustration and design. He also opened the design studio and this is where the fashion photographer client had encouraged him to model on a certain project. Afterwards, he got a job with exclusive modeling agency based in the city of Milan in Italy. He had worked with different clients like Hugo Boss, Zenya, Valentino and Giorgio Armani.


From his biography, he lived in Europe for three years and he got influenced by the churches, galleries and museum he was visiting from a city to another. When he left Europe, he went to live in New York but he also visits Los Angeles where he owns the Hancock Park Studio and he practices painting with oils there. He got inspiration from any place; it can be while watching the Broadway play, being with his friends or traveling. He also got inspiration from the books that are found in his studio or the paintings from masters like Rembrandt, Whilliam Merrit Chase, James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. He also makes up the playlist for every painting. This helps the essence and the flow of what he may be working on. The music may also be the inspiration of a certain painting at once.


When he starts to paint, he starts with the rough idea; it is then sketched over the rough graphic drawing. He will then take some photographs of the subject matter and make up the composition which will right for his painting. He makes a small study after the sketched composition. After the study and learning with it, he will start to draw away the shapes at the surface which may suit better his painting. There is a thin oil sketch which is followed up through blocking the thicker layer and it allows the light value to be chosen. A third layer will be the most intense and it will involve the creativity and the focus of the brush work.

Married, wife, children

From his bio, Rainer Andreesen is openly gay and he got married to Victor Garber. For a long period, he did not talk about it until he opened about it in 2013 during an interview. They dated each other for 16 years before getting married. They have no children.

Net worth

Even if the net worth of Rainer Andreesen is not recorded, that of his partner Victor is 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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