Francis Capra

Francis Capra was born in the year 1983. He is a talented actor and had appeared in different TV shows and movies. He had been the Young Calogero Anello while appearing in Bronx Tale; he was Max Conner in Kazaam and was Eli Weevil Navarro in Veronica Mars TV show.


Francis Capra started to act in the year 1993 and from that time, he became a successful actor and got attention of different Medias and audience. He had been given different roles and it helped him to achieve to a successful career. He is a talented person and had been nominated for different awards such as the Best Youth Actor for co-starting in Bronx Taler and for Young Artist Award.

According to his biography, Francis Capra’s mother is called Ann Marie Capra. He has over 18 Tattoos and he finished his schooling at the Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School. He had a tough childhood since his father was in jail and the mother was taking care of him herself. His father died afterwards because of the shooting incidence. He was born with three siblings, a brother named Chanel Capra with two sisters, Ava Capra and Asa Capra. He is of Dominican and Italian descent. Even if his father died young, he says that he was his mentor on how to be a man since his mother could not teach him how he can become a man.

In the year 2006, he suffered leg injury and it required him to take steroids which were the part of the treatment and it included some side effects like complexion issues and weight gain. While on TV shows, he was sitting most of the time and was looking as if he is bloated. He recovered afterwards and he started to act in a healthier manner.


He became well known after starring in the Veronica Mars TV series together with Kristen Bell. He was a guest star for the O.C and then he appeared in different TV series like Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Criminal Minds, Lincoln Heights and The Closer. For the movie credits, he appeared in Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, A Simple Wish, Kazaam and Crank. Besides acting, he is also in the film production and he is the owner of a production company called Take off Production with another actor called De’ Aundre Bonds.

Net worth, salary

Francis Capra is being paid the salary of 100k dollars for each episode when he appears on the TV shows. His net worth is 1.2 million dollars.

Married, wife, divorce

Francis Capra is married and his wife is Nora Capra. He likes to post some romantic pictures when he is with her on his social media. On his twitter account, he has 16.4thousands followers. Capra likes to play games and he spends hours playing The World of Warcraft. He likes the G4 TV and web series based on the gaming known as The Guild.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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