Lelah Amore Harris

Lelah Amore Harris was known as the daughter of hip hop parents. Her mother, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle was from the R&B girl group, Xscape. Her father, Clifford Joseph Harris is more known as the rapper T.I. Lelah’s still birth made headlines when her birth ended in tragedy.


After she Lelah’s mom, Tameka got pregnant with her, she cautioned by medical doctors that there might be difficulties with the pregnancy. The sac that held Lelah in Tameka’s womb was split into two and even when Lelah was growing inside her mother’s stomach, the sac never recovered.

The doctors were concerned that Leah may have been choked by the umbilical cord because of the difficulty of the delivery. Her heart stop beating during the delivery. At the point when Tameka discovered that her girl Lelah Amore was dead, she turned out to be extremely depressed and saddened over the loss of her baby.

After the burial service was sorted out by her father Clifford, her mother Tameka would frequently visit her girl's grave. As time passed by, she started to visit the grave site less regularly in light of the fact that it was making her exceptionally miserable and discouraged each time she came.


Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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