Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is an actress of dual nationality since she is English-American. She was born in the year 1981, in the city of New York City in New York. She went to Heathfield School found in Ascot in Berkshire. She then attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute of New York City.


At first, she worked like a photographic model when she signed to work with Tandy Anderson under Select Model Management. She worked for Italian Vogue and Coca-Cola. She also appeared topless on the Pirelli Calendar of 2003.

According to her bio, she started to appear in movies in the year 2001 and it was in South Kensington. Afterwards, she got a recurring role in the Keen Eddie television drama. She had the supporting role in Alfie remake. In Casanova, she had a leading role, co-starring with Health Ledger.

Married, husband, boyfriend, children

Sienna Miller is believed to have dated Jude Law who was his co-star in Alfie movie. Jude Law had just broken up with the first wife and had left his wife with children to be with her. However, it came to be known that he had also a relationship with the nanny at his home. Sienna broke up the relationship so that she can date a musician. However, she also left this boyfriend to start the relationship with Jude again. They stayed together for some years but they also broke up in the end.

Sienna Miller got married to Tom Strurridge and they have a daughter together. However, they divorced in the year 2015. Since from that time, there is no confirmed relationship of the actress with any other person. Her daughter is Marlowe Ottoline Laying Sturridge.


Sienna Miller’s mother is called Josephine and she was born in South Africa and she modeled in England. Her father is called Edwin Miller and works like American banker who turned to be dealer in Chinese Art. She was born with a sister named Savannah with two half brothers named Stephen and Charles.

Sienna Miller is not only known to follow the trends, but she is also able to create her own trends. She helped to create a denim fashion line with the brand Pepe Jeans. It was the first experience of being a designer and she became successful. Some of the beauty bloggers take note of her hair style. She likes to keep short bob in different styles. She keeps her hair short but she shows that they can be in different hair styles.

She had been in feud with the media for a long time and she does not like to be followed wherever she goes. Once she won a case against the media when they hacked into her phone and followed whatever she was doing. To keep a part of her life private, at her age, she does not have the Instagram account by now.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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