Nancy Lundquist is married to Verne Lundquist. They met in a bar in the city of Dallas and it was called Arthur’s. He walked in when he finished the 10 o’clock news while he was working at WFAA-TV in the city of Dallas. He did not want to rush home and he decided to go to a bar instead. Together with her date, Nancy was at the same bar and the date recognized her from the local television and invited him to get a drink with them.

Afterwards, he introduced her to Nancy Lundquist who was called Nancy Miller. It was a blind date and first date. The three of them chatted and Nancy’s date promised to link him up with one of his friends. However, Verne was most interested in Nancy and asked for his own date with Nancy when his date left for some time. Nancy Lundquist’s husband Verne Lundquist is a well known sports caster with American TV. He has worked on different network during his lifetime and he is now a play by play announcer of CBS Sports coverage for College Football. He is covering for NCAA Basketball and this includes the NCAA Men’s division for Basketball Championship. He also does commentaries of Master and for PGA Championship with other PGA Tour event.

Verne full name is Merton Laverne Lundquist Jr and he was born in 1940 in the city of Duluth in Minnesota. Verne studied in the Austin High School found in Austin Texas and after graduation, he attended Texas Lutheran University. When he was in Texas, he became a founder of Omega Tau Fraternity and in 1958 while now he works as a member of his alma mater’s Board of Regents. From his biography, he graduated in Texas Lutheran University of 1962 and he started the sports anchoring career at WFAA found in Dallas. Afterwards, he started also to work at KTBC based in Austin while he was the voice of Dallas Cowboy in 1967. His net worth is not disclosed.

Verne appeared in motion picture called Happy Gilmore where he played as himself and he was commenting on golf games. He is play by play announcer in a video game called NBA Live 98. He is announcer of College Hoops 2K8 Video game. Before marrying Nancy Lundquist, he was married two times. First it was to Patricia and the wedding took place in 1967, the two divorced in 1971 and he got married to Kathy Vernon the next year but the two went through a divorce also. He got married to Nancy Lundquist in 1982. Even if it is said that they are parents, the record of their children is not available. Nancy Lundquist had health problems when he was bitten by a mosquito that carried West Nile Virus. In four months now, she is not able to walk or to feed herself because she lost the functions in her arms and legs.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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