Nadine Belfort

Nadine Belfort (November 6, 1962) is a former model and Duchess of Bay Ridge who is best known for being the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort, a motivational speaker and scam artist who was involved in stock- market manipulation by defrauding the investors through his infamous investment company, Stratton Oakmont. Nadine ended her long abusive marriage with Jordan in the year 2005 and re-married John Macaluso, a former Entrepreneur based in New York.

Early Life and Career

Nadine Belfort was born as Nadine Caridi on November 6, 1962, in London, England. She spent her childhood in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. Later, Nadine graduated from John Dewey High school, Gravesend, Brooklyn.

In 1990, the gorgeous Nadine started her career as a model and grabbed an opportunity to become the face of “Miller Lite”, the famous beer brand. Since then, there was no looking back for Nadine and she appeared in many commercials for different magazines and brands. One of her most famous commercials includes the “Monday Night Football ad”. The Duchess of Bay Ridge, Nadine, however, gave up her modeling career after getting married to Jordan Belfort.

She was living a luxurious life but this did not make her give up on her education. Nadine attended the Pacifica Graduate Institute and did her masters in Clinical psychology. Later in 2015, she got her PhD as well.

Personal Life

Before meeting Belfort, Nadine was dating a philanthropist, former race car driver, and entrepreneur, Alan Wilzig, for two years. Surprisingly, it was Alan Wilzig who first introduced Nadine and Jordan Belfort who was known for being a party animal, womanizer and alcoholic. They clicked instantly and they soon started seeing each other. However, Belfort was a married man but due to his alleged affair with Nadine, he divorced her then wife, Denise Lombardo. Shortly after, Nadine and Jordan got married in 1991. The couple is blessed with two beautiful children, a daughter named Chandler, and a son named Carter.

A yacht that was bought by Jordan Belfort was named “Nadine”. The luxury yacht was initially built for Coco Chanel in the year 1961.

Coming back, there were troubles in the marriage from the very beginning. Jordan used to beat her very badly, so much so, that he didn’t even care that she was pregnant. He was under the influence of heavy drugs and alcohol when he crashed his car that too when his daughter was sitting on the passenger seat.

This dreadful incident along with Jordan’s abusive behavior, extra-marital affairs and the infamous stock- market manipulation case that made him spend 22 months in the prison, made Nadine end her long painful marriage of fourteen years in 2005. Nadine and Jordan are still cordial towards each other for the sake of their children.

Later, she married John Macaluso, a former Entrepreneur based in New York. Nadine is not John’s first wife and he has three children from his previous marriage. Apparently, John is 22 years older than Nadine but as they say, age is just a number. They live in Hermosa Beach, California.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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