Niel Richard Flynn (Mike Heck) was born in November 13, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois (USA). He comes from an Irish family and grew up as a Roman Catholic. He moved to Waukegan, Illinois, when he was very young, and began to study at the Waukegan East High School.

He discovered his acting flames early on while during his time on Waukegan. In 1978 Neil won an Illinois Individual Events state championship in the category of “Humorous Duet Acting” with his partner Mike Shklair. On 1982 he graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Then, Flynn returned to Chicago to begin an acting career. Flynn is an American comedic actor best known for his roles in TV sitcoms. He currently plays “Mike Heck” in ABC’s The Middle (2009).

Early acting Career

Flynn had his career breacktrough as “The Janitor” in 2001’s medical comedy-drama Scrubs. He originally casted for the role of Dr. Perry Cox, which John C. McGinley had. As the directors liked Flynn’s attitude and comedic style, they gave him the part of The Janitor, a character that was only intended for the pilot episode. However, he became a regular cast member and appeared in 170 episodes.

His first appereance on TV shows was on 1982 as an secondary character in an episode of Brookside. He continued landing minor roles in over 20 shows, TV movies, shorts and movies, often as a police officer, before finally becoming a regular character in Scrubs. He even appeared in Seinfield’s season 8 episod “The Summer of George” as a cop.

During his early acting career he was also a consistent theater actor. He earned the Joseph Jefferson Award Citation for Actor in a Principal role on 1986 for his part in “The Ballad of the Sad Café” at Illinoi’s Absolute Theatre Company.

On 1988 he was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for Actor in a Supporting Role for the play “Whistle in the Dark” at Illinoi’s Body Politic Theatre. And on 1988 he was nominated in the category for Actor in a Revenue for the Second City Theater play “Farewell My Compuserve,” in Chicago, Illinois.

Post-Scrubs acting career

He was a regular character of Scrubs during the 9 seasons of the show, but he never landed any other important role during his time in the sitmon, aside from playing Cady’s dad (Lindsay Lohan) in 2006 Mean Girls.

On 2009 he was casted again as The Janitor in a Scrubs’s spinoff called “Scrubs:Interns,” where one of the characters recorded a one season reality show about her experience in Sacred Heart Hospital. On that year he also landed a main role in The Middle, were he has been portraying the father of a semi-dysfunctional family in Orson, Indiana.

He also gave voice to Chuck, a character in DC’s animated series Vixen, where he appeared in 6 episodes from 2015 to 2016. Vixen is a crimefighter with the power to mimic the abilities and strenghs of any animal that has ever existed. The series lives in the same universe as Warner’s Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Chuck is the foster father of the main character, Mari McCabe.

Personal life

Neil is currently 53 years old, and he is considered very handsom. His personal trademark is his “towering high,” as he is sex feet and five inches tall and has a muscular body. Neil Flynn keeps his life very private and in fact doesn’t have Instagram or Twittern accounts. He is also not married and has no children, so there is speculation that he is homosexual. He has a net worth of $5 million.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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