Michael Irving

Michael Irvin, born Michael Jerome Irvin on 5th March 1966, has been a U.S. actor, sports commentator, and football player. He started playing football since his college days, and next, he played for Dallas Cowboys under National Football League (NFL) throughout his professional career spanning from 1988 to 1999.

His professional career came to an end owing to an injury in the spinal cord. He has been nicknamed as “The Playmaker”. He is one of those three owing to whom the team could get Super Bowl wins three times. He formed one of The Triplets; the other two being Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman.

Personal Life

The names of the parents of Michael Irvin are Walter Irvin and Pearl Irvin. He took birth in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida, USA. His nationality is American, and his ethnicity black. He has 17 siblings. Michael is placed 15th among them. He first studied at Piper High School, and then he joined St. Thomas Aquinas High School. After completion of his High School education, he attended the University of Miami where he nurtured the desire to become a U.S. footballer. Irvin completed his college education in 1988.

Irvin is not married as yet. However, he has fathered four children together with his two girlfriends namely Felicia Walker and Sandy Harrell. He and his girlfriend Sandy Harrell together have one daughter and two sons. The names of the three children are Michael Irvin Jr., Chelsea Irvin, and Elijah Irvin.

He, along with his other girlfriend Felicia, has one daughter namely Myesha Beyonca. He had been in a relationship with the two girlfriends for long and has children, too. However, those relationships did not materialize into marriage. As of now in 2018, he is single. Since he has not married, he has not divorced anyone.

The dark side of the player is that there have been arrest and charges against him for the possession of illegal drugs. Although it's not yet been proven, the case is turning into a hot potato, in the city of Dallas, where Irvin is a local hero


After Irvin finished his studies in 1988, he was straightway inducted into Dallas Cowboys. He had been the first receiver rookie in the history of Dallas Cowboys to get the first touchdown of the career at the age of 20. During the season of 1990, he ended with only twenty receptions. However, he averaged 20.7 yards for each catch due to injuries sustained in his knee. He played with such players as Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Jay Novacek. During the 1991 season, Irvin improved his performance significantly.

Irvin appeared in four straight NFC Championship Games from the year 1992 to 1995. During this period, he won back-to-back Superbowls that include a victory over Pittsburgh Steelers in Superbowl XXX, and the Buffalo Bills in the Superbowls XVII and XVIII. He came back to play in the fifth game of the season 1999 after recuperating from a collar bone injury.

During that match against Philadelphia Eagles, he was badly tackled by Tim Hauk, the defensive back. This tackle resulted in a serious injury which proved to be career ending. Michael then joined ESPN’s Sunday Countdown as a broadcaster. However, he left this job to be associated with NFL Network.

Michael Irvin has several awards to his name including 3X SuperBowl Champion, Dallas Cowbows Ring of Honor, First Team All Pro and many more. As per his biography, his net worth is estimated at $15 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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