Sam Esmail, born on 17th September 1977, has been a U.S. TV producer, Film and TV director, and screenwriter. He has been particularly famous for his TV series entitled Mr. Robot released in 2015 and continuing till now. In addition to Mr. Robot, he is also known for Comet (2014), and Homecoming in 2018.

Personal Life

Born in a family from Egypt in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, Sam Esmail’s family later shifted to South Carolina. He belongs to a Muslim family. His nationality is American. His family eventually re-located itself to Sewell, New Jersey. He would usually hold the Stanley Kubrick Film Festivals at his home during his childhood. Thus, he spent his early life in Sewell and Hoboken in New Jersey. He got a computer for the first time at the age of nine and started to write own codes later.

Esmail attended New York University and did some working in the computer laboratory. Later he was shifted to academic probation. He graduated from Tisch School of the Arts. Then, he joined AFI Conservatory from where he obtained a degree in Master of Fine Arts.

As for his private life, Sam dated Emmy Rossum for around two years before being engaged to her in August 2015. He had come in contact with her during his first assignment as director in Comet. They dated each other for long before getting married on 28th May 2017. There is no rumor of any other relationship or any other extra-marital relationship. They both are leading a happy married life. They have not been blessed with any child as yet, as per the information available on record. Thus, he has not divorced his wife.

Astrologically speaking, Sam's birth sign is Virgo. He is 6’ and 1” in height and weighs 80 kg. His hair color is brown/black, and his eye color is dark brown. However, other details about his body are not anywhere in record.


It was in 2008 that his first film screenplay entitled Sequels, Remakes & Adaptations was recorded in the Black List. Black List is an annual survey of film executives and production companies numbering over 600. Again, it was in 2014 that his first venture as director for Comet had been released by IFC Films. He has created, produced, and written the TV series Mr. Robot. The series was aired on USA Network on 24th June 2015. He had originally planned to produce Mr. Robot as a film. He has been nominated for several awards for movies like Mr. Robot and Comet.

Esmail admitted in an interview in 2015 that he had been immensely influenced by his heritage. He added that while writing he usually liked to delineate the feelings of the alienated people of the American society. He further added that he did not do it consciously, but it came to him spontaneously due to his experiences in the society of America. Thus, he has been a multi-talented personality with clarity of views and thought. As per the biography of Sam Esmail, his salary is unknown, but net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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