Maurice Richard Povich is an American TV presenter who is very famous for his talk show called Maury. It is also called as the Maury Povich Show. It is currently in its 19th season.

Personal life

Maury was born in a Jewish family. He has two siblings and he is the middle one. His father is a sportswriter, Shirley Povich. He graduated from Landon School and University of Pennsylvania in 1962 with a TV journalism degree. In 1962, he married Phyllis Minkoff. He has two daughters with her. In 1979, he divorced her for unknown reasons. In 1984, he married Connie Chung, a news anchor. Both of them met at WTTG TV in Washington. They met in 1969 for the first time and they did not date, right then. They started dating after his divorce became official. There is no proof to state that Connie was the reason for his first divorce. In 1995, they adopted a son, Matthew.

Weird case of Paternity DNA test

In 2014, one of the viewers accused a segment of his show in which Maury reads of DNA tests of men who claim or declaim paternity. To prove him wrong, Maury invited the accuser on the show and volunteered himself and his adopted son for the paternity test. Later, it turned out that his adopted son was indeed his biological son. Maury stated that he donated his sperms when he was young for some cash. He also stated that this incident reevaluated and strengthened his relationship with his son. His wife did not comment on this incident. Many celebrities gave their comment on the incident including Oprah. Though his wife was in the audience, she refused to give any comments and Maury ran out to the backstage. When asked whether he had fathered any other children, he responded that it might be known in future episodes.


Immediately after his graduation, he got his first job in radio station of WWDC. He worked as a reporter for four years and also became sportscaster in WTTG-TV in 1967. He became a co-host of Panorama, a popular show. It made him very famous. In 1977, he became a news anchor and worked in many stations outside Washington DC. In 1986, he became the host of A Current Affair. It was focused on celebrity gossips. He was in the show till 1990 and also anchored at WNYW.

After working as the president of National TV Academy in New York, he started his own show, The Maury Povich Show in 1991. The show was taken over by Studios USA and was renamed as Maury Show. In 2000, he hosted a game show called Twenty One and the show was short-lived. In 2005, he hosted a program with his wife and it was cancelled on the next year due to low rating. He also appeared in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom as a guest appearance. He also starred in Madea’s Big Happy Family. In 2015, he made a guest starring in The Jack and Triumph Show. His net worth is 45 million dollars and he makes seven million dollars her year with his shows and other projects.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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