Lori Anne Allison was born on the 6thof September, 1957 in United States of America. There is no updating information about her parents.As to the siblings, she has a sister, Suzanne Allison Witkin. When Lori was a little girl, she had a dream to become a makeup artist. At the age of 8, she started practicing onto her dolls by doing some makeup and cutting their hair off. Besides, she also wanted her life to be connected with music. She had a wish to be a great recording artist. Only when she began working in a boutiqueon Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach at the age of 13, she understood that there was no other best career for her than a job related with beauty.

During the formative years, Lori was unlike other girls of her age. Though she was considered a weirdo, she used to wear the colorfulbands in her hair or to shave off the eyebrows. Moreover,she was dressed in many unusual articles of clothing that used to stand out of the crowd. At the same time, Lori could feel herself someone special and individual. At the age of 19, she moved to New York. There she found her inspiration to create some art and make people prettier.

She was enough lucky to have such genuine friends asAdam Ant and Christina Applegate, who helped her to become a professional. Lori cooperated with the Television community by taking part in her first film and her first play. She also worked with many talented photographers by transforming the models into beautiful women. Due to her persistent job and the faith in herself, she succeeded and became one of the best makeup artists not only in America, but also all over the world. She is recognized by many celebrities as a master of her craft.Besides, she is known as a proprietor of Serendipity Lip Glosses. She is also the owner of small cupcake business called D'Cups.

As to the personal life in her biography, Lori has been married once. Her husband was one of the greatest actors, handsome and charismatic Johnny Depp. He is popular in the world for starring his role in the movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and many more.They got married at the end of 1993 and this married life lasted till the beginning of 1986.

Initially their marriage was a very happy one. They seemed to live merrily and had no problems. Unfortunately, after three years living together, there appeared some difficult issues, which pair could not undergo. They had no children, as their marriage was too brief. Still nowadays, no one knows the main reason of their breaking up. Since that time, Lori was not noticed to have some other serious and long-term relationships. She is a very private person and do not use any social networks. Therefore, there is not so many information about her. Lori’s net worth is still unknown.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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