Marshall Coben is a Paramount Executive and is knowing for being married to the famous actress, Jane Leeves. 

Marriage to Famous Actress, Jane Leeves

Marshall and Jane dated for a long time before they decide to turn the relationship into a marriage. They wanted to make sure they that they were the right ones for each other and had a comfortable compatibility. They took things slow because they didn’t want to make any mistakes. When they were certain that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other, they got married in 1996. 

They have a very balanced and beautiful relationship as husband and wife, There have never been whispers or rumors about any signs of  divorce. They have a strong bond that is not likely to be broken any time soon. 

When Marshall’s wife, Jane Leeves was asked by Huffington Post about how their marriage started, she said, “We met at the Paramount Christmas party. It was the Wings/Frasier Christmas party. He was the executive for Wings, among other shows. I think I was desperate for children. Let me put it that way. Before I met my husband, I was just about to look into adoption. It was John Mahoney who said to me actually, “Don’t. Wait. Wait. Maybe in a year you’ll meet someone and be married.” He was right. I was. 

I married the right guy. I love him to death. He’s my best friend, and he’s really cute, too. I think the fact that I have a successful marriage is because I wasn’t looking for a relationship. My life was on track. I was doing what I loved. I think that’s an attractive package right there. I wasn’t desperate like Joy. I sat back and relaxed. I said, “If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I have a fantastic career, and I can adopt some kids.

I think it was May last year, and we received the keys to city of Cleveland. I haven’t figured out what it opens yet. I have a key, but I have to go back and find out if it actually opens anything! We can’t wait to find out.”

They have already two great children together. Their children’s names are Isabella Kathryn Coben and Finn William Leeves. 

Living with a Beautiful Actress

Jane Leeves was born in 1961  in the city of Essex in England. Marshall’s wife, Jane is a tall woman and has an eye catching appearance that gets a lot of attention. During her younger days, she could be seen looking red hot in a bikini and she had sexy legs that both men and women would admire. She has the right body measurements and this makes her very sexy because of her natural curves. 


She was born in the family of Collin Leeves, he is an engineer and her mother is Ruth Leeves who worked as a nurse. When she was 5 years old, she decided to join a ballet program called Bush Davies School of Theatre Arts of East Grinstead. When she went for audition, she demanded to audition first and she got full scholarship of dance because of her brashness and confidence. She wanted to be a ballerina but she injured her ligaments and decided to pursue acting instead.

Marshall is very proud of his wife because Jane is a successful woman and she has been able to achieve a net worth of 52 million dollars. Her earnings proves how successful she has become in her life even without the help of Marshall. 

She is not an active person when it comes to social media which is surprising because her personality and physical features fit perfectly on social media. The media speculates that she is losing out on an opportunity to market herself on social media. The only significant social media presence she has is her TWitter account. She loves to tweet things about her life and keep her fans updated with her daily activities. She also loves to interact with her fans and share ideas about what’s going on with the world and her personal life.

Wife’s Acting Career

In 1983, Marshall’s wife got a role in The Meaning of Life by Monty Python. It was a huge role for her because of the large following that the Monty Python comedy group has. They were a huge hit in England for their dry and sarcastic skits. The skits were so successful so that they earned enough respect and clout to make movies. Their executive producers enjoyed the skits so they wanted to pay the group to write and direct their own films. Once their movies came out, they were able to expand their fan base even more. Fans started to come out in countries all of the world. It was once thought that the sense of humor in England wouldn’t translate to other parts of the world but there was no denying that their humor crossed a lot of lines. Jane was very happy to get the exposure she got for starring in one of the most famous and icnoinc comedy movies of all time.

After Monty Python, Jane was cast as a member for The Benny Hill Show and moved in Los Angeles in 1985. She decided to move to the heart of Hollywood in order to gain more roles. Monty Python was great for her career but she really wanted to develop and be consistent. There was no better place for her to be than the city of Angels.

In 1986, she he got a role in Throb but it would take some time before she landed another huge role. She had to suffer the life of a struggling actress because the field was so competitive. Seven years later, in 1993, she got a bigger role with Frasier, a NBC sitcom and continued to appear on television more often in guest roles.  The sitcom spot gained her a lot of attention and producers of shows were confident to bring her onto their programs.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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