If making money via youtube is the niche, then Mark Fischbach is someone who ought to know. Mark Fischbach is a very famous Youtube personality who runs his channel named ‘Markiplier’ wherein he uploads videos of himself reviewing video games. Currently, he has over 19 million subscribers.

Personal life

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on 28th June, 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was born at the Tripler Army Medical Center. His father used to serve the army and it was during his service days that he met Markiplier’s mother, who belongs to Korean descent. This is why Markiplier has mixed ethnicity while he holds an American nationality.

Mark has an elder brother whose name is Jason Fischbach. Jason is an author as well as an artist, by profession. After Markiplier was born, his parents moved to Cincinnat and raised the two siblings were raised in the city. Markiplier got himself enrolled at the University of Cincinnati! He completed his major in biomedical engineering. In order to fulfill his dream of a successful Youtube career, Markiplier took a bold decision and dropped out of college.

Markiplier was in an abusive relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Currently, he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Amy Nelson. Amy Nelson was born in Boston but she later moved to Los Angeles, where she met Markiplier. The couple loves Disney. It is not surprising that both Markiplier and Amy are very active on social media which include instagram, YouTube, twitter and facebook. Markiplier has amassed 6.3 million followers on instagram. He happens to be among the top 22 YouTubers in the whole world.


Mark Edward Fischbach began his career from scratch on YouTube under the username ‘Markiplier’. His channel is so popular today that is he more famous by the name ‘Markiplier’. Markiplier is one of those people who have turned their passion into their profession. He was an avid video game player since his childhood days and thus, it was a brilliant idea to review the games that he plays.

Due to some YouTube policy issues, Markiplier’s initial channel got banned and thus, he currently runs his second channel named ‘MarkiplierGAME’. It seems like it was an opportunity in disguise for Markiplier as his second channel gained more and more popularity day by day. His channel was ranked among the top 61 YouTube channels in 2014 by New Media Rockstars. Following this success, Markiplier moved to Los Angeles, so as to attain a wider platform and increase his internet popularity.

Markiplier is famous for his hilarious video game commentary which includes yelling, screaming and sometimes cursing in the videos.

Mark prefers not to censor the profane words. Markiplier began creating sketch comedy videos which were collaborated with other famous YouTube stars that were based in Los Angeles like ‘Yamimash’, ‘Game Grumps’, ‘Jack Films’, ‘Jacksepticeye’ and ‘Cyndago’. Thus, it can be said that his strategy of moving to Los Angeles and collaborating with people who were already great at this work turned out to be fruitful. As of 2017, Markiplier’s net worth happens to be around $9 million.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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