Arlene Pileggi

Arlene Pileggi is a beautiful actress, known for her role in “The X-Files” and “Whale Music”. Her birth date is 30th Dec 1966. She has four siblings and her childhood was not so great to remember. She was born in financially weak family, but her acting skills made her career bright. She managed to learn acting herself and her sister equally encouraged her to choose her talent as her profession and go for it.

Although she did not get very good roles at the start, her performance made her notable and she got many offers after that. Her married life ditched her and she got divorced but her second marriage is a success and she is enjoying it. She is a responsible mother and a talented actress, and she probably knows how to balance all!!

Personal life

Arlene Rempel got the name changed after her marriage as Arlene Warren but the marriage was not successful and the couple got divorced in 1996, after five years of marriage. There were a few serious reasons for the marriage to get break and her divorce was followed by her affair and then second marriage with Mitch Pileggi on 1st January 1997 and they are both living a happy life together. Mitch is also a TV actor with roles done in The X factor and many more and it was second marriage for Mitch as well.

Arlene gave birth to a daughter, Sawyer Scout Pileggi on 24th May,1998. Arlene was born to financially weak parents, her father was truck driver and mother, a dishwasher, so her childhood was not very stable. After some time, her parents got divorced due to some serious conflicts. Her talent and acting skills took her to be an actress with good name and fame and in spite of all the difficult time she faced, she managed to get herself settled.

Net worth

Her net worth is believed to be in thousand dollars, it must be some successful amount. She is planning to donate some of this amount for charity.

Social media

Not much is shared about her being social but her fans obviously want her to share the updates and stay tuned with them through any of the networking site.


Her career was obviously a difficult deal for her as she does not belong to a very rich or famous family but her skills were enough to take her to her dreams. She was beautiful and smart to understand what she wants and how she can get!! She tried to learn acting by herself. She used to act in front of mirror and she got some minor roles and those roles encourage her to groom herself. Later she joined an acting school and got fame with Whale Music, followed by other roles as well. Finally, she achieved success.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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