Marilou York

Marilou York is the wife of a famous American actor Mark Hamill. Marilou and Mark have been together for a long time. Marilou York was born on 11th February 1955 in the United States. Marilou is going to be 64 years old soon.

Marilou York biography

Marilou came into the spotlight when she met Mark Hamill. There is almost no information about Marilou’s early childhood and family. Marilou is a well-educated woman. York studied at the Parkland College. After completing her higher studies, Marilou started to work as a dental hygienist. Mark Hamill went to the dentist when he met Marilou there. According to Mark Hamill himself, he felt something for Marilou at first sight. Mark said in an interview that when he saw Marilou in jeans and white coat he asked her “They let you dress like that at work?” and Marilou replied “Yeah. Next”. After that Mark and Marilou started dating.

The couple broke up for a while. Mark had got great fame after the success of Star Wars. Mark admits that he wanted to go Las Vegas and celebrate his success with the showgirls. However, Mark realized that it was not he really wanted. Mark said that he wanted a family and a home. Mark had been in a relationship before. Mark and his co-star of General Hospital Anne Wyndham dated for a while. Mark and Anne broke up as mark considered that dating a co-star was not a good idea. Mark’s relationship with Marilou was different and purely based on love. Marilou gave up her job after marriage.

Marilou didn’t involve in the entertainment industry. However, Marilou co-produced a movie named “Comic Book: The Movie” which was directed by Mark Hamill. Other than that Marilou is the CFO of Amazing Invisible Inc. which is Mark’s company. The estimated net worth of Marilou has not been revealed yet. However, her Husband Mark Hamill has a net worth of nearly 18 million dollars.

Is Marilou York currently married?

Marilou and Mark dated for a long time before getting married. Marilou and Mark got married in the year 1978. The marriage ceremony of Mark and Marilou was held in their home in Malibu. The couple is still together and a great example of true love. The couple was blessed with three children. The first son of Mark and Marilou was born in the year 1979. The happy couple named their son Nathan. Griffin, their second son was born in 1983.

Mark and Marilou were blessed with a daughter, Chelsea, in 1988. None of the three children of Mark and Marilou chose acting as a profession. However, all three siblings made cameos in the movie “The Last Jedi”. The exact height and weight of Marilou have not been revealed yet. However, Marilou has normal height and weight and is one of the very beautiful women of her time.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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