Hilarious, bold and out spoken song producer, singer and music writer Linda Perry is a publically open lesbian, who support the lesbian and gay community. She is best known for her singing in 4 Non- Blondes. She is alcoholic and suffering from kidney disease but still working in her field.

Early life

Linda is an American national was born in Springfield on 15th of April 1965. She is from the musical family. She did not complete her higher studies. She was very fond of music from her early age. She only at the age of 21 separated from her family and migrates to San Diego where she gave many auditions for cover band. To earn her living she worked in pizzeria and became waitress there. In her spare time she played guitar and sing in streets. She gradually had known for her street voice and people start calling her “Chick with the big voice”.

Marital status

Perry is publically open lesbian. She was bound in many same sex relationships. After having same sex relationship she got engaged with an American actress Sara Gilbert. After 2 years relationship with Sara they got married in 2013. The couple has one baby boy.

Charity work

Perry is very active member of different organizations promoting individually and freedom of expression. She works with organizations working for lesbians and gays acceptance. She also worked for kids fighting for their health.


Linda earned fame after lot of struggle. She from her early age started playing guitar. She sung lot in streets to spread her voice and ultimately got chance to sing in coffee shops and cafes. She wrote her first song “Down on your face” and got job in “4 Non Blondes” in 1989. After several years worked locally finally in 1992 signed by “Interscope records” and released his debut album in which she appearedas lead singer. 1994 was the year when Perry appeared as solo singer in album “A Celebration” which was “Roger production”. Being a famous singer Perry now wanted to step forward as solo star. She was still working with Inters cope records. She got permission and makes her own solo production “In Fight” released in 1996. Till 2010 Perry did several solo performances. From that year onward she wrote many songs and did many productions. She contracted with pink a pop star. Perry co-produced and wrote much of the songs of famous album “Missundaztood”. “Deer song”, “The crow” and “After hours” are some of the solo works of Perry. Perry worked and wrote some songs with Tunstall which were released in 2010. In 2011 she made a new band “Deep Bark Robot” under which she made album named “8 Songs about a girl”. Perry also appeared in television shows and shocked her audience with her acting to.


She won 2 ASCAP awards and also nominated for song “Beautiful”. She also got 2004 gammy award for best female vocalist.

Multi-talented person Linda is best and outstanding song producer, song writer and singer started her music career at early age. She struggled a lot in her life. She did job of waitress at pizzerio. After her working hours she played guitar and sing in streets where she got fame and find work in cafes and coffee shops. Her luck shines and got recruitment in 4 Non blonde from there her career rises and she becomes best person of music business.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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