Kim Khazei is a news anchor woman and works in Boston at WHDHTV and on the sister station called WLVI-TV or CEW56. She started her career when she was working on KOMU-TV based in Columbia in the city of Missouri. Afterwards, she worked for four years on KQTV in the city of Missouri where she was a reporter and an evening anchor. She became afterwards the news anchor for evening news of NBC affiliates in the state of Illinois in Champaign city.

Afterwards, he worked at KOVR-TV in the city of Sacramento in California where she was a reporter and an anchor. She started to work at Channel 7 in the state of Massachusetts in the city of Boston in the year 1994, it was when she was working for Sunbeam Television Corporation, and she got in charge and introduced aggressive brand, graphic driven and fast-paced local news for Boston audience.

She also worked for the morning show of the station and she co-anchored first news of WHDH at 4pm. Before 2001, she took a personal leave and then resigned in the year 2000 so that she can dedicate more time towards her husband, children and the entire family. She returned on her job in 2007 where she joined WHDH-TV again.

Kim Khazei is married to Scott Huff. Scott studied Bowling Green State University. He was a division manager of a company that deals with medical technology and they have three children together. Their children are Tatum, Walker and Hayden. They are living in Winchester in Massachusetts. The two are known to be happy together and there is no rumor about having any divorce in the near future.Kim Khazei is the cousin to a politician and social entrepreneur of Massachusetts called Alan Khazei.

According to her biography, Kim Khazei is reputed and spectacular TV personnel. She has started to work in this career for more than 2 decades now. She has enough experience in this field and she likes to motivate others who are joining in the industry.

At her age, she had covered many stories and some of them include Loma Prieta Earthquake that took place in San Francisco and Hurricane Gilbert that took place in the city of Texas. She has participated in many interviews and she has reported other many hot stories. She is now near fifties but she continues to maintain her own charm and looks. She is an American by nationality. She went to University Missouri-Columbia and this is where she graduated.

Kim Khazei is tall with five feet and some inches. She likes to maintain her body well because she appears on the screen. She keeps healthy by taking a good diet and exercising. Kim Khazei has worked as a journalist for a long period and it is believed that she has a good net worth but it is not clear how much. Her fans can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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