Born in the year 1969 on 7th September in Dallastown which is situated in Pennsylvania in the United States of America, Kim Jones’s birth name is Kimberly Alicia Jones. There is no detail available about how she spent the early days of her life and the particulars about her parents is not disclosed. There is no news about whether she has any siblings or not.

There is also no detail about the elementary school she attended or the high school she went to. The only information which is available about her education is that she was enrolled in the Penn State University which is situated in Pennsylvania in the United States of America. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from there and then went on to complete the Master’s degree in exercise and sports science.

Although there is no information about how her interest in journalism or reporting started or what inspired her to be a reporter, but her interest in the field can be seen from her days in the University only. She was a part of the Center for Sports Journalism and was also a member of the program Let’s Talk Penn State which aired on the Penn State radio in the year 2005. All this work marked the initial stage of her career as a sports reporter.

She began her career by becoming the official reporter for the New York Giants. She was also the NFL columnist for a newspaper named The Star-Ledger. She stayed in New Jersey at this point in time where she worked as well. She was later signed by the Yes TV for covering the Yankee’s games as their reporter. She switched over to YES network in 2005. She started working at the WCBS radio for the coverage of Yankee games.

In addition to all this, she also loves to write blogs and she did so at the network official website titled Keeping up with the Jones. In 2010 a very funny incident happened when she was obstructed by a fan at a Yankee game when she was protesting with a pork chop. The pork chop was bitten off by a fan who was standing at her back. This was recorded live and came out as a surprise to many.

Currently, she is working as a host of the show Monday Night Live on channel WFAN where she hosts the show with Ed Coleman. This show has gotten her too much fame and she is often recognized by her fans wherever she goes out. There is not much known about her personal life. She is understood to be married at this point in time. She has 2 children from her current marriage which is her second one. She has gotten a divorce once due to some misunderstandings with her ex-husband. She is an active social media user and can be found on Twitter as well as Facebook. Her net worth is estimated to be around $6 million that she has entered with her hard work and dedication.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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