John Goodman

John Stephen Goodman was born con St. Louis, Missouri (United States) on June 20, 1952. His father was a postal worker called Leslie Francis Goodman, unfortunately he died when John was two years old; his mother worked as an associate of a Retail store and she was waitress at Jack and Phil's bar-b-que at the same time.

Her mother was a really brave woman, she did not only had more than one work but she also used to take laundry in to earn more money and help her family. She used to do that because they were going through really hard times, and there were even times when they did not have money to buy food.

He has two siblings, a sister called Elizabeth Horvath, and a brother called Leslie. They are of English, German, Welch and Irish ancestry.


Goodman went to "Affton high school". He had two passions since he was a little boy: acting and football; he actually dabbled in teatre and also played football.

He was really good at football that he earned a scholarship to "Missouri State University" which was a truly blessing for him in that moment when his family did not have enough resources to cover University costs.

Even when he loved and enjoyed football, he never forget about his passion for acting, so he decided to study in the drama program where also was classmate of the Hollywood stars Kathleen Turner and Tess harper.

He still remains close to the friends he made at school.

He graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree (1975).

Personal Life:

As we mentioned before, he was a really good football player, but unfortunately after being injured his career as a football player ended since he could not continue playing.

He was really sad about the news his doctor gave him, but he did not give up too fast, he remember about his passion about acting and he took the decision of becoming a professional actor; that same year (1975) he moved from Missouri to New York (United states).


He was too desperate that he started working as a bartender and waiter to earn some money. He also started working as the voice of many of the commercials in those times.

With the time, he could make some characters at big films. Some of the movies or TV Shows where he made his appearance were: "Big River", "Late night with Conan O'Brien", "Roseanne", "Raising Arizona" and a lot more.

Actually he has a net worth of $65 million dollars.


Goodman got married in 1989 to Annabeth Hartzog. They have a daughter called Molly Evangeline Goodman and she works in the production assistance industry.

Actual life:

In 2009 Goodman recognized he was an alcoholic by CBNC and talked about how it ruined his life for a long time, he also stated he was about to give up his career because he did not care anymore about anything.

He was assisting to Alcoholics anonymous and he was sober since then.

He has also health problems because of his obesity, his weight was of 180 kg and his height is 180 cms.

He confessed he tried a lot of diets and that it was his constant life, losing and gaining weight.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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