Jennifer Jason Leigh

Personal life

The American actress named Jennifer Leigh was born on 5th February 1962. She was born at 12:33 pm. She was born with the name Jennifer Leigh Morrow. She has two sisters named Carrie Morrow and Badie (half sister). Carrie unfortunately passed away this year. Badie is also into acting. Badie acted with Leigh in The Anniversary Party. She used to be a guest star on television shows when she was a teenager, giving vent to her career as an actress. Her parents were Jewish.

She was born to Vic Morrow, an actor and Barbara Turner, a screenwriter. Leigh's parents parted ways when she was only 2 years old. Her ancestors belonged to Russia and Austria respectively. Her father passed away while a helicopter stunt which went all wrong while shooting the film, Twilight Zone. Her ex-stepfather's name is Reza Badiyi, a director. She was born in California, U.S. She is aged 55 years. She was married to Noah Baumach in 2005 but sadly got divorced in 2013. She is blessed with a child. She was living in with Eric Stoltz in the 1980's for about 5 years.


Jennifer Jason Morrow is her professional name. She was critically acclaimed for her film called Miami Blues. She was critically acclaimed for her film named Last Exit to Brooklyn. She performed in a drama/thriller called Single White Female in 1992. She also appeared in Backdraft by Ron Howard. She appeared in the film called Short Cuts in 1993.

She performed in The Hudsucker Proxy. Golden Globe awards nominated her for Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle for playing the role, Dorothy Parker, in 1994. Her mother wrote a screenplay called Georgia in 1995 and she starred in it. The anniversary party was a film which she co-directed and wrote. She came forth in Road to Perdition, a crime/drama in 2002.

 Her husband directed a film in the comedy genre named Margot at the Wedding and she starred in it. She was a common for the role of Jill Price in Weeds, a comedy/drama. She voiced for Anomalisa as Lisa and was critically acclaimed for it. Golden Globe Critic's choice nominated her perfomance in The Hateful Eight as Daisy Domergue. BAFTA nominated her for the same performance. She was nominated as the best actress in supporting role by academy awards. Drama desk award nominated her performance in Abigail's Party, which was a stage work. She played Beverly Moss in the stage drama. She appeared as Broadway debut in Cabaret in 1998.

She has also been seen the show called Revenge.  She performed a role in a film named Death of Stranger, in which she was supposed to be ‘silent’. Jennifer does her roles very diligently. She lost 86 pounds for the movie, The Best Little Girl to Play as an anorexic teenager in 1981. She appeared in a music video titled Last Cup of Sorrow in 1997. She has owned 26 awards and 60 nominations. She has earned a Net worth of around $4 million.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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