James Rosen is a television correspondent and a journalist of American nationality. He is now working with Washington D.C and he is a correspondent of Fox News Channel. Rosen had been born in Brooklyn and his mother is Regina Rosen and his father is Myron. The parents moved to live in Staten Island when he was still young and he went to the public school in that place. He graduated with Johns Hopkins University where he got a Bachelor of Arts degree of political science. He went again to Medill School of Journalism from University of Northwestern University and graduated with the master’s degree for Journalism.

When he graduated, the first job he had is to work as a producer for New York Television Channel called NY1. He started the career on-air when he joined News 12, he was a Bronx’s one-man band street reporter while he also worked as an anchorman. He also worked as a producer, editor and a camera operator for the network. He worked for CBS News where he was a researcher for the lead anchor called Dan Rather. He worked for WREX-TV, which is a local affiliate of NBC based in Rockford, Illinois.

James Rosen joined the Fox News where he was on-air anchor in the year 1999 and from the Fox News Biography; he had reported that in 49 states and from three dozen foreign countries around the entire continent. In 2003, he was named as the Funniest Celebrity of Washington in the contest of Funniest Celebrity of Washington Contest. It was a charity event and he performed a comedy routine and it included the imitation of Tom Brokaw, Helen Thomas, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush.

James Rosen had written a book called The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate and it was published under Doubleday. It is a biography of Attorney General called Johan N Mitchell and the involvement he had in Watergate Scandal. He was working for Richard Nixon. He spent 17 years researching about the book. In 2013 under the government of obama, he was under investigation by United States Department of Justice where it monitored the activities of Rosen through timing of the calls, phone traces and the personal emails. In order to get the warrant, the justice department labeled him as a criminal co-conspirator with Jin-Woo Kim.

James Rosen lives in Washington D.C with the wife and with two sons. At his age of over 46 years old, he continues to be hardworking and dedicated. He is a person devoted to his family and he wants to be with his wife most of the time. He married late and people were asking if he is gay or not. He can be found on twitter and facebook but he never posts the pictures of his family. His net worth is not disclosed and he should not be confused with James Rosen who is artist.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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