Hugh Douglas was a former football player and an analyst of the sport for the ESPN channel network. He played for the National Football League with teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New York Jets. He spent five famous years with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was also a teammate of Donovan McNabb. He is also an actor, having appeared in features such as Leaf. This is a biography of this personality, who is also known by his popular nickname Turbobird.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Douglas was born as Hugh Lamont Douglas in Mansfield in Ohio. His date of birth is August 23, 1971. He attended the Mansfield Senior High School. Later on, he went on to attend the Central State University where he did his majors in elementary education. There he took up playing football seriously and reached a good deal of acclaim. He played twice in the NAIA Division I All-American. He was responsible for bringing his team to a leading victory in the NAIA championship as a sophomore. He finally ended up being titled as the Defensive Player of the Year. He was selected to be a member of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

Growth as a Footballer

Hugh Douglas made the first draft for the New York Jets in the 1995 NFL Draft. Later on, in 1998, he was given away to the Philadelphia Eagles. He played in 2003 with the Jacksonville Jaguars and then again came back to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004, making it the only team with which he played twice. He figures highly on the list of Philadelphia Eagles as well, which is on rank fourth.

In 2005, Hugh Douglas fell into controversy as he landed up in a much-publicized public argument with team member Terrell Owens. This led to the suspension of Owens from the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2005, he was also selected to be the Goodwill Ambassador for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As a Broadcaster

Douglas’ first foray into broadcasting was with the Philadelphia channel WTXF-TV and later with 610 WIP, where he became a regular presenter for football games. Apart from football, he also cohosted the Six Nations Championship for rugby for BBC America. He injected a lot of humor into his presentation, which also had tap-dancing lessons. This led to his show being quite a popular hit. In 2011, he was picked up by ESPN to be an NFL studio analyst. With this channel, he presents shows such as NFL Live and First Take. Presently, he works with the radio sports network 92.9.

As an Actor

Hugh Douglas has acted and featured in three sports-related features. These include Leaf, Super Bowl XXXIX, and The Complete History of Philadelphia Eagles.

Personal Life

Douglas is married. The name of his wife is Simona Douglas. He has an active profile on Twitter where he has 49,000 followers. He goes by the name Big Hugh at times for his large size. He has a height of 6’2” and weighs 281 lb. At present, his net worth is estimated to be in the range of $10 million.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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