This discography is about Harry Belafonte also known as hoard George Belafonte, who was an American singer with birth date 1st March, 1927 in New York, USA and a prominent figure of off folk music, an actor and film producer as well. His parents were from Caribbean Islands though he lived in Jamaica with his mother. “The most difficult time in my life was when I was a kid” is been said by him as he and his mother struggled through poverty, and his mother worked while he was cared by others. This gives us an another example of an ordinary man slaying the present world all due to his hard work and dedication.

After he was to new York again, he studied at Erwin Piscator’sDramatic Workshop led him to a contract to record as he emerged as a pop singer, preceded by folk singer’s identity. It was in 1950 when he switched from popular music and switched to folk singing in favour of his conscience. He became a student of folk songs in traditional style and starting appearing with his switched music style. Not only this but was also involved in singing West Indian folks in theatres and nightclubs . What added to his singing was his handsome appearance that used to collect larger number of crowd.

One of his biggest hit was “The banana boat song” that he had with artist named Calypso. With him, he introduced to the world a whole new genre of music. With this, they gave the biggest superstars of that time with their albums been sold at an alarming and outstanding rate. Not only it was Calypso with whom he proved to be a great singing partner, but also with the legendary Odetta and Bob Dylan. They sang together a couple of children’s songs in traditional style like “There’s a hole in my bucket”. Following this, his another big hit was “Jump in the line” with the same music composure. And this versatility is what makes his discography more prominent. After 1970s, he stepped into theatre and then he became the first African-American television producer. Not only this, he also showed himself as a versatile actor by acting in films likeUptown Saturday NightBuck and the Preacher (1972)

He was a great singer, a thing that isn’t in any doubt be it popular singing or folk singing, but along with it he helped society in s number of ways, like by providing charity and fighting against the civil rights of citizen. Also coming up as a civil rights activistswith regular indulging in charitable work, he again lengthened his list of versatility. It was in 2014 when he was awarded by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

He is a married man, and lives in New York City along with Pamela Frank, this third wife. Before her, he was married to Julie Robinson for 50 years and has two children with her too and then had a divorce. Former to Julie and Pamela, he was married to Marguerite with whom too he has two children.

Net worth of this man is about is 22 million dollar approximately.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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