Elizabeth Mcdonald

Elizabeth Macdonald is a popular television personality. She is known to the media for her extreme beauty and successful career. She is a very established journalist, author as well as a stock editor in the Fox News channel. She is also a popular name in the corporate world.

Elizabeth Macdonald was born in the year 1962 on January 2nd. She was born in the Rockville Centre, New York. She grew up in New York with the seven siblings. As she was born in a well to do family, she has never faced any financial problem in her life. She was the most beautiful among all her sisters. Her mother was a popular fashion model and her father was a business merchant. She has spent her life in luxury. Along with that, she was very good in studies. She had a keen interest in debate and political affairs. She also used to play chess and other interesting indoor games with her father.

Elizabeth used to keep herself updated with political news every time. As her general knowledge was very strong, she won several quiz and debate championships in her school. She was also interested in science, especially in Chemistry and used to spend long time in the laboratory. Elizabeth used to do many experiments out of interest.

As a high school student, she wanted to become a scientist but later, she switched her attention to journalism, as the political news fantasised her a lot. She wanted to explore this field and bring some change in the social world. She scored very good grades in her graduation which fetched her, the chance to take admission in the Canisius College, in New York. Though her parents asked her to join the family business, she had no interest in it. She have always wanted to be a part of the social world and taking up journalism as her career was the only way to achieve her goals.

While Elizabeth was pursuing journalism, she wrote an article about an economic settlement which became very popular and caught everyone’s attention. She always loved to experiment with everything and this article was also a result of her research and experiment. She became very popular in the university for her excellent work.

She was also invited at the United States to give a speech about the economic and corporate affairs, she came up with some interesting points which impressed the chief guests. She was even honoured for showing her skills. After this, Elizabeth joined the Fox Television as a stock editor. Her multiple qualities have helped to serve as a news anchor in the business channel of Fox Television. Along with this, she has also hosted many events and shows which has further added to her fame.

Elizabeth is extremely smart and carries a strong personality which makes her stand out. She has also been subjected to many controversies and rumours but none of them could make their footing strong in her personal life as well as in her career. She connects with all her followers on the social media and always keeps them updated with her posts and updates.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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