Elisabeth Shue is known as an actress of American citizenship. She had been in many roles of different films like Hollow Man, The Saint, Leaving Las Vegas, Back to the Future Part II and Part III, Cocktail, Adventures in Babysitting and The Karate Kid. She was nominated for BAFTA, Golden Globe and Academy Award. She was Julie Finlay in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation police drama at CBS.

From her biography, Elisabeth Shue was born in the city of Wilmington, in Delaware. She is a daughter to Anne Brewster and of James William Shue. Her father was a congressional candidate once and he is a real estate developer and a lawyer. He is now the president for International Food and Beverage Corporation. The mother worked like a vice president of a private banking division in Chemical Banking Corporation. She grew up in the city of South Orange of New Jersey.

Her parents got a divorce when Elisabeth Shue was nine years. Her mother was born in the family of William Brewster, a Pilgrim leader of the family that immigrated in Pennsylvania from Germany in 19th century. She grew up with her siblings, all brothers, John, Andrew and Williams. Andrew, her young brother is actor also and he played Billy Campbell in Melrose Place television series at Fox.

She graduated at Columbia High School and together with her brother, they were inducted into the Hall of Fame of the school in the year 1994. Her father got married again and she has half siblings, Harvey and Jenna Shue. While attending Wellesley College, her friend encouraged her to try out television commercials so that she can be able to pay college fees.

Afterwards, she went to study at Harvard University in the year 1985 and she stopped the studies so that she can continue with the acting career. She would have got the degree in just one semester. William, her older brother died in the year 1988 because of swimming pool accident when the family was on vacation. She finished a BA degree in 2000 of political science.

Elisabeth Shue started to act while in high school and she was a popular person in Hellmann’s mayonnaise, DeBeers and Burger King’s ads. She made the debut in the feature film in The Karate Kid, when she was a co-star of Ralph Macchio. She had a role in Call To Glory, as a teenage daughter in military family. She made Broadway’s debut with Some American Abroad performing at Lincoln Center. She performed also in Birth and in After Birth in 1993.

She was the girlfriend of Robert Downey Jr in Heart and Souls, a romantic comedy. Elisabeth Shue’s husband is Davis Guggenheim. They are parents to three children. For her appearance in movies and tv shows, she made a net worth of 12.5 million dollars. Her Instagram is @elisabeth.shue.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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