David Bromstad

David Reed Bromstad was born on August 17, 1973. David is an American designer who is famous for winning HGTV’s Design Star in its debut season back in 2006. Winning the debut season did a lot for David’s career. In competitions, the people will always remember who the first winner was. As a TV personality, David has his own show called Color Splash that started its first season in 2007. It’s a testament to how talented David is because he was given his own show just one year after winning Design Star. This meant that the design industry trusted David and his design skills. It also meant that the TV industry trusted David to carry a show. Not only was he a great designer, he also had an engaging personality to attract TV viewers. HGTV had him appear on TV any chance that they could. They had him star in another program called Color Splash Miami in 2010.

Personal Life

David was the youngest child in his family. As the youngest one in a big bunch, David and his 4 siblings grew in a beautiful home in Minnesota. Growing up in the mid west was full of mixed weather and mosquitoes. It would snow during the winter and prevent the kids from playing outside too much. They would even have snow days where they were told to stay home because there was too much snow outside. One unique thing about growing up in Minnesota is snow shoveling. While some other areas like California only involves trash and recycling, residents in Minnesota had to pay for a snow shoveling service.

Kids growing up in Minnesota also had to deal with the tons of mosquitoes flying around during the summer. As a child, the mosquitoes would annoy David because they would fly into his noise. David grew up in the suburban parts of Minnesota. Most of the houses were built the same with big backyards and grass. David enjoyed his childhood which was filled with family BBQs on the patio and balcony.

There wasn’t that many areas for kids to meet and have fun besides school. For some time, Minnesota only had one floor malls because the population didn’t demand more than that. As more people started to reside in Minnesota, the state started to expand their commercial buildings. They built a huge mall called Mall of America which even had a roller coaster going through it.

Interest in Disney Design

David fell in love with art and he dreamed of the idea of having a career as an animator for Disney. He loved the classic Disney cartoons like Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia. Growing up in Minnesota let his imagination run wild because there wasn’t much external stimulation. He wanted to bring the cartoon characters in his mind to life. He attended an Art and Design school in Florida which is famous for being the starting ground for those who wish to work in Disney. The school is really competitive and churns out only the best animators.


After David graduated from the school, he achieved his dream and became an illustrator for Disney. After years of being an illustrator, David began his own company and called it Bromstad Studio. Working with Disney gave him much inspiration to design bedrooms for kids with fantasy themes. He wanted to create bedroom themes that would make kids feel like they were in Disney cartoons. He felt that he could use his design skills to really bring out a child’s imagination.

Big Break with HGTV

David was encouraged by his friend to try out for a new competition in Miami Beach, HGTV’s Design Star. It was a reality show that was seeking a new host for one of HGTV’s new programs. There were 9 other designers competing against him but that didn’t faze David. He tried his best and ended up winning the competition. After winning, he didn’t forget his roots. He appeared as a guest star in the second season of the competition and he also became a guest judge. As a judge, he wanted to share the experiences and values he developed as the winner of the first season. He supported all the contestants with encouragement and phrase. David is still linked to HGTV because he a regular contributor for the HGTV blog.

Designer Influence

David’s career expanded in 2008 when he became the Mythic Paint spokesperson. He is also the face for Miele home appliance. After appearing as a mentor in HGTV’s Design Star season 6, he became a successful designer with many commercial project. He became the host of the show in season 7. The hosting position was a big accomplishment for David and opened the door for more endorsements. He established a furniture line after partnering up with the Home Shopping Network.

David lives an extraordinary life even when he is out of the spotlight. He is very popular on social media with many followers interested in his daily life. He keeps his personal life in secret as not many people know about him but he always tries to update his fans. He never talks about his love life, the media assumes that he is gay because of his line of work but he has not made a public statement on his sexuality. He has never been seen with a girlfriend which added fuel to the rumors.

His fans love him for his brilliant career. His net worth definitely makes him a hot rich hunk that should be attracted to any man or woman. His pay will be rising high near the future because of all the endorsement offers being thrown at him. He has made appearances on various TV shows. His grand style of design makes him stand out from the rest. His style is unique because of his Disney animator roots. Working with Disney really gave him a unique style that is unmatched in the design world. As a loyal contributor to HGTV blog, you can find his tips and tricks on design. David has no problem sharing his advice with fans and aspiring designers.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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