Danielle Pickers

Danielle Pickers is a popular television host of the industry. She has hosted several popular shows on the television and has made many appearances with a number of renowned personalities.

Personal life

Danielle Pickers was born in the year 1975 on December 3rd. She was born in Davenport, at Iowa in the United States. She grew up with her three siblings. She has been brought up by her American parents but she has spent most of her teenage years with her grandparents. When she was thirteen years old, her parents divorced leading to their regular misunderstandings. Danielle used to remain depressed due to the quarrel of her parents.

Pickers could not even concentrate on her studies and this lead to her academic deterioration. When she was asked about the custody after the divorce of her parents, she did not want to stay with anyone and shifted with her grandparents. Her siblings shifted with her mother. Initially, Danielles mother used to come to meet her, but later when her mother got involved in a marital relationship, she hardly visited her. Danielle has even expressed in an interview that, it was only due to the encouragement of her grandparents, that she could achieve the goals and success.

Danielle shares a lot about her personal life in her biography. In the year 2004, she married to her longtime boyfriend. She also has two children with him. But leading to their personal differences and misunderstandings, the couple got divorced.


After graduating from her high school, Danielle could not decide which career option, she should choose. She started doing some part-time job in an event management company. It was then when she felt that only being around people satisfies her. Thus, she decided to pursue the profession of a host. However, her interest towards burlesque dance has made her path smooth.

Besides her hosting career, she also wanted to do something with her passion for dancing. Pickers went ahead and formed a group and named it as Burlesque Le Moustache. After a few years, leading to her deep friendship with Mike Wolfe, she was approached by Wolfe to host a television show, American Pickers. Danielle has also created her identity in the fashion industry by launching several boutique stores.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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