Dana Wheeler

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was born on October 9, 1960 in New York. Her parents were Joan Weitemeyer and Douglas Wheeler-Nicholson. Her father, was the son of a well known writer Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, who pioneered the American comic book and was a founder of the DC Comics. She attended Friends Seminary High School. Dana always had a passion for acting and she finally started her screen career in the early 80s. At first she appeared as Ilene Pringle in the TV series “All My Children”. Later she played in the series “The Hitchhiker” with the role of Belinda Haskell. She has made her movie debut in the 1984, when she appeared with the role of Katri in the film “The Little Drummer Girl”. She got her breakthrough time with the role of Gail Stanwyk, from the movie “Fletch”, which was released in the 1985. She also has made her appearance in numerous movies and tv shows like “Mrs. Soffel”, “My Life's in Turnaround”, “Circuitry Man” and “The Night We Never Met”.

During 1986–1987 she was the cast member for Crime Story tv series,where she played Marilyn Stewart. In the 1987 she also appeared as Belinda Haskell for “The Hitchhiker” and as Rebecca Giswold for “Beverly Hills Buntz”, where she had 13 episodes. In the 1991 she was involved in the TV film “Donna Lee Wellington” with a character of Donna Lee Wellington. In the same year she played in the pilot episode of the “Palace Guard” TV series. In the 1993 she played the role of Mattie Blaylock Earp from the movie “Tombstone”. Two years after she appeared as Heidi Schmidt in the film “Bye Bye Love”.

In the 1996 she played the role of detective Angela White in the popular TV series “The X-Files”. At the end of the 90s, she also appeared in such TV series like “The Single Guy” and “Sex and the City”. During 1995-1997 Dana has made her appearances in such popular movies like “Denise Calls Up”, “The Pompatus of Love”, “Jamaica Beat”, “Nick and Jane” and “Living in Peril”. In the 2003 she played in the movie “The Battle of Shaker Heights” with the role of Mathilda Bowland.

She played Debi Anderson in the 2006 movie “Fast Food Nation”. In the 2010 she appeared as Mary in the film “Dance with the One”. The next year she got her success with several projects like “5 Time Champion” and “Dadgum, Texas”. “Angels Sing” became another project of Dana, where she appeared in a small role of Maggie. In the 2013 she played Malvina in the film “Winter in the Blood”. She became very popular thanks to her playing as Beverly O'Connor in the TV series “Nashville”. In the 2014 she appeared in the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” with a secondary role.

She is a married woman. Her husband is Alex Smith, who is known as a film director. The couple does not have any children together. Her net worth is approximately $500 Thousand dollars. Currently, she resides in Austin, Texas.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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