Dale Bozzio

Dale Bozzio was born under the name of Dale Frances Consalvi. It was in the year 1955 in the city of Massachusetts. There is no much information about her childhood and who are the immediate family members. She started to take drama from an arts and communication school of Emerson College when she was 16 years of age. The career in the music started only when she met Frank Zappa, who worked as a composer. They met by chance and she got a job in his Joe’s Opera. This started the career in the show business. The monologue of Dale from the opera had been also distributed to other media types.


In the year 1980, Dale Bozzio did create the group called Missing Person together with the co-workers at the Zappa’s Team. They were Terry Bozzio and Cuccurullo. Terry became her husband afterwards. The band was able to release three albums but they breakup by the year 1986. This same year, Terry and Dale also divorced. Bozzio continued to use the name of her husband after the divorce and this is why she is known as Dale Bozzio. She started a solo career after this. She was doing the covers of different songs before releasing her own.

Salary, net worth

Dale Bozzio career in the music is for at least 4 decades. She had been successful because of the role she had in the opera and the success of the Missing Persons band. Through her career, she had been able to make a net worth of over 8 million dollars. However, her salary is not disclosed.

Marriage, divorce, children

When Dale Bozzio started to work under Zappa, she would also work with other musicians such as the drummer Terry Bozzio. They met in the year 1976 and they got married in the year 1979. Their divorce came through in 7 years of marriage in 1986. They had two children together, Shane Maximilian and Troy Sebastian.


From her bio, Dale Bozzio decided to go to Los Angeles in the year 1976 after finishing her college. Hugh Hefner wanted to make her a hostess in the Valentine Party but she refused to be a play bunny and this took her away the chance of getting the residence in his city. In the year 2009, she got arrested because she was accused of the animal cruelty. She rescued some cats found in the wood, she did not take good care of them and she went on a tour leaving them without any care. Two of them died while 12 had to be euthanized. She was sentenced to be in jail for 90 days, to do 250 hours of the community service and to pay at least 2700 dollars that were used to euthanize these cats.

Her audacious fashion choice, living without following the norm and amazing stage presence had been compared to that of Lady Gaga, a pop star.

Last Modified: Feb 28, 2020

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