Kap G was born under the name of George Ramirez in the year 1994. It was in College Park in Georgia. His parents are American by nationality but of Mexican origins. He grew up in the city of Atlanta metropolitan area of Georgia. He had a tough childhood and it was hard for him to make friends in his neighborhood since it had a high number of African-American people. He attended the Fulton County School System Education based at Tri-Cities High School at the East Point in Georgia. When he graduated at the Tri-cities High School, he told the parents that he would like to start music as a career but this did not go well with the parents since they wished that he would continue a high education.


Kap G was adamant about what he wanted and wanted to be a famous musician. Since he was bullied at his young age, he wanted to get to something which is substantial so that he can prove to other people that he is a capable person. He started to focus more on the music and he joined the teen group named Kids At Play or KAP. It was the same name KAP with his initial G that turned to be the stage name. He raps in English and Spanish.

From his bio, Kap G became a famous person because of working with the famous record producer and rapper called Chief Keef. He featured on his single title called Tatted like Amigos and it became his debut of being a rapper. He also released a single named Jose Got Dem Tacos with Jeezy, another famous rapper. He worked on different remixes when he was remixing the songs of different artists. The mixes with the high profile collaboration did help him to get to popularity with the record producers and the music lovers.

In the year 2014, Kap G released the mixtape called Like a Mexican. It became an acclaimed mixtape and it brought him to the attention as a record producer and a songwriter named Kawan Prather. With his help, he had a breakthrough deal with the Atlantic Records. While working with the record, he was able to work with record producer and famous rapper named Pharrell Williams.

In addition of featuring in different articles of XXL magazine, he also got nomination of being XXL Freshman in 2015. His single under the name of Girlfriend, it become his biggest hits and it got her RIAA and Gold Certifications.


Kap G was born with four brothers with one sister. They grew up in a good family and he is closer to all his siblings. He likes to play basketball in his free time.

Wife, girlfriend and divorce

However, more information about his girlfriend is not available. He is not yet married and had no divorce record.

Net worth

His net worth is over 500 thousand dollars.

Last Modified: Feb 28, 2020

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