Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter is a journalist of American nationality. He is working as the senior media correspondent. He had been working like a medical reporter of New York Times and as editor for TV Newser.


From his biography, Brian Stelter was born in the year 1985 in the city of Damascus of Maryland. He did the education course in the year 2003 at Damascus High School, which is a public high school.


Brian Stelter started in his career since he was at young age. He was working like editor-in-chief for Towerlight. He was creating the TVnewser, the blog on cable news and television while he was still a student.

Brian Stelter worked for The Tower Light and he was the editor in chief. He worked in the place for two years since 2005 up to 2007. He then decided to join The New Year Times where he was a media reporter.

In the year 2013, he became a new host for Reliable Source of CNN and he was the senior correspondent at the station. It was the role that Howard Kurtz had before. He is now a prominent person for the documentary called Page One: Inside the New York Times of 2011. He is known as the amazing person when it comes to the journalism. He does have a fruitful way because of his delightful working passion and his dedication.

Married, wife, divorce

Brian Stelter had dated Nicole Lapin who was a CNBC anchor. He talked about the relationship with his editor and he said that he would not talk about the CNBC during their relationship. He got married to Jamie Shupak, through a Jewish ceremony. His wife is working like traffic anchor of New York TV station called NY1. They have got a daughter together born in 2017. Even if he grew up in Methodist family and he is a non religious now, he says that his children will be raised in Jewish religion. He did not get any divorce before.

There were some rumors that he wanted to leave Times; however, he continued to work at the place becoming the host of Reliable Sources. He talks on controversial issues and he does have a different opinions compared to these of the fellow journalists. However, by now, he had not been in major controversies.

Salary, net worth

His net worth is believed to be over 10 million dollars and he has made it through the salary of his journalism career.

Body measurements

Brian Stelter is tall with 6 feet and has 78kg. He has brown hair and has regressing hairline with blue eyes. He is an active person on the media. He has an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. On the twitter account, he has over 575kg, on the Instagram account he had 20.9k fans while on the Facebook, he had around 202k followers.

Last Modified: Feb 28, 2020

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